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  • BoysBoysBoys || For Amy

    by Jemmz 02-01-2013
    The Vampire Diaries/Supernatural: Just a little birthday vid for Amy, starring her favourite hotties!
    BoysBoysBoys || For Amy
  • Shoot Your Gun - Ana + Bela

    by Jemmz 07-30-2011
    Lost/Supernatural: Joint character study of Ana-Lucia Cortez from Lost and Bela Talbot from Supernatural.
    Shoot Your Gun - Ana + Bela
  • Just Tonight - Ruby&Kate

    by littleton_pace 05-25-2011
    Lost/Supernatural : Ruby arrives to help Kate adjust to demon-life; but though originally training an ally; she might just be creating an enemy. (Sequel to Kimmy's EPIC Dean/Kate vid, Ease My Pain)
    Just Tonight - Ruby&Kate
  • Ease My Pain - Dean/Kate (SPN/LOST)

    by klost004 04-05-2011
    Lost/Supernatural: September 2012 contest 2nd place winner! Description on YT.
    Ease My Pain - Dean/Kate (SPN/LOST)
  • Fade Out (Sam/Kate)

    by Jemmz 12-31-2010
    Lost/Supernatural: After Dean dies, Sam makes a last attempt to bring him back by making a deal with the yellow-eyed demon. But in return, he wants one thing: Kate Austen. Check YouTube for more explanation.
    Fade Out (Sam/Kate)
  • Two Seperate Worlds

    by Belle MacFarlane 08-05-2010
    Lost/Supernatural: A comparison between Mark Pellegrino's two polar opposite yet similar roles in LOST as Jacob (the God figure), and in Supernatural as Lucifer (well... the actual Devil).
    Two Seperate Worlds
  • Get Up - Kate/Dean

    by hellybongo 06-30-2010
    Lost/Supernatural: RL issues made me do this...Kate and Dean are together but Dean leaves for fear of her safety. Are recalled memories enough to save them?
    Get Up - Kate/Dean
  • Daydream - Kate/Dean

    by hellybongo 02-08-2010
    Lost/Supernatural: Dean breaks things off with Kate for fear of losing her due to what he and Sam do. Leaving her behind, she's never far from his thoughts. Until an accident changes everything. Is it too late?
    Daydream - Kate/Dean
  • Fading Fast Away

    by ciaimpala 11-15-2009
    Lost/Supernatural: When Kate is hurt because of Sam's lifestyle, he breaks up with her. But life goes on...
    Fading Fast Away
  • claire and dean spn/lost crossover farewell

    by EMMALOUISE 10-28-2009
    Lost/Supernatural: A crossover vid i made hazy parts are claire memories
    claire and dean spn/lost crossover farewell
  • She Don't Want The World - Jack/Kate/Dean

    by hellybongo 09-28-2009
    Lost/Supernatural: My first attempt at a real crossover. My clips and editing are basic so bare with me....Be kind!!! Jack and Kate's relationship is falling apart. Kate finds comfort in the arms of Dean. Is she running from her problems or simply taking her troubles with h
    She Don't Want The World - Jack/Kate/Dean
  • Tears Like Diamonds - Dean/Claire

    by Charlies_Innocence 09-24-2009
    Lost/Supernatural: A Lost/Supernatural crossover - Dean and Claire's relationship takes a toll as they struggle with the responsibility of raising a baby together.
    Tears Like Diamonds - Dean/Claire
1-12 of 12 Videos 1