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  • We are never ever getting back together

    by nikkimonique 10-29-2012
    Fringe/Private Practice: Olivia and Addison are never ever getting back together.
    We are never ever getting back together
  • The Devils Tears

    by nikkimonique 06-02-2012
    Lost/Private Practice: Some call love a curse, some call love a thief but she's my home.
    The Devils Tears
  • TKS - What If - Now Comes The Night - amy/13

    by TheKindredSacrifice 01-03-2012
    House/Private Practice: What if Amelia made good on her promise to Thirteen? Can she handle the repercussions of her decision?
    TKS - What If - Now Comes The Night - amy/13
  • disappear - part 2

    by littleton_pace 10-25-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: Juliet has second thoughts about leaving while Kate comes face to face with Ana. Rated R!
    disappear - part 2
  • Disappear - Part 1

    by nikkimonique 10-19-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: Ana Lucia is a serial girlfriend beater and her first victim has made it her mission to give Ana's other girlfriends the courage to leave. Part 2 by LittltonPace
    Disappear - Part 1
  • She Is The Sunlight

    by Ninu 06-02-2011
    House/Private Practice: Its not easy to know House, its hard like hell to be in a relationship with him.
    She Is The Sunlight
  • When The Time Comes

    by Kuliet4ever 06-01-2011
    House/Private Practice: Full summary on YT. Remy and Amelia are in love, will a lie tear them apart? Or bring them closer?
    When The Time Comes
  • This Is Not The Answer - Kate/Addison

    by littleton_pace 02-27-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: February 2011 contest 1st place winner! Kate and Addison have a happy life together with their daughter, Susan, until an unexpected tragedy changes everything.
    This Is Not The Answer - Kate/Addison
  • Traumatic - Part 3

    by littleton_pace 01-15-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: Ana meets a conflicted woman named Alice in prison; and together they breakout and flee to Thailand to start a life on the run.
    Traumatic - Part 3
  • Traumatic-Part2|| LOST/PrivatePractice

    by nikkimonique 01-13-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: Part 2 to Kat's Traumatic. Addison tries to get over the guilt she has over what happened to Kate and move on with Juliet. Thanks to Kat for the vid pic.
    Traumatic-Part2|| LOST/PrivatePractice
  • Traumatic - Part 1 || Lost/Private Practice

    by littleton_pace 01-07-2011
    Lost/Private Practice: Addison grows jealous when her best friend, Kate, admits to having feelings for her colleague, Juliet, who is already in a rocky relationship with Ana-Lucia.
    Traumatic - Part 1 || Lost/Private Practice
  • Monsters (Sawyer/Charlotte)

    by Athena Alexandria 12-17-2010
    Lost/Private Practice: Wishlist vid for nikkimonique. Sawyer's career is jeopardised when he becomes emotionally involved in his latest case: the violent rape of a doctor at the local hospital. (Major spoilers for PP season 4).
    Monsters (Sawyer/Charlotte)
  • Stay Part 1- PP/Lost

    by nikkimonique 05-25-2010
    Lost/Private Practice: Private Practice/Lost crossover made for two awesome girls Kat and Stacey. Violet gets herself into a world of drama when she takes on Kate as her patient, but there is no turning back now! Kat will be making part two. Also thank you Kat for this vid pic
    Stay Part 1- PP/Lost
1-13 of 13 Videos 1