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  • Clara and Ethan

    by Guzik90ab 08-02-2015
    Doctor Who/Penny Dreadful: just one of my favourite crossover couples made for BTLContest :D
    Clara and Ethan
  • Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful | crossover

    by Guzik90ab 07-27-2014
    Doctor Who/Penny Dreadful: Possible spoilers for Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful!
    Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful | crossover
  • It Is What It Is

    by rbexter93 11-14-2011
    Doctor Who/Gossip Girl: The Doctor and Blair travelled together and had the best of times until he left her. Now he has returned but their relationship has changed, can it be fixed?
    It Is What It Is
  • A Study in Time

    by Di 07-05-2011
    Sherlock/Doctor Who: After strange events start happening across London, Sherlock and John soon find out that a certain Time Lord is the key to all of them. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    A Study in Time
  • Slipped Away

    by elfmaiden 06-30-2011
    Torchwood/Doctor Who: Jack is sick and dies! His team grieves, as do The Doctor and Rose once they find out!
    Slipped Away
  • Above and Below

    by Di 06-03-2011
    Doctor Who/Torchwood: I'll disappear, 'cause living makes me feel ashamed.
    Above and Below
  • Don't Blink

    by Aislynn 02-28-2009
    Lost/Doctor Who: There's only one person who can help Daniel Faraday save the Island... The Doctor. A Lost/Doctor Who crossover trailer.
    Don't Blink
1-7 of 7 Videos 1