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  • Losses

    by Galadriel 03-16-2014
    Stargate Atlantis/Hawaii 5-0: Their losses.
  • Uninvited || Steve+Kate

    by Jemmz 01-15-2013
    Lost/Hawaii 5-0: Crossover; Steve becomes obsessed with one of his suspects, Kate Austen, who he's accusing of murder.
    Uninvited || Steve+Kate
  • I Am Not What You Found-Kate/Danny (Hawaii Five-0/Lost)

    by ciaimpala 10-09-2012
    Lost/Hawaii 5-0: Danny and Kate are married, with a daughter, Grace, but Kate's past can't let her have a happy ending.
    I Am Not What You Found-Kate/Danny (Hawaii Five-0/Lost)
  • Steve McGarrett/Ezio Auditore

    by Galadriel 04-23-2012
    Hawaii 5-0/Assassins Creed: Vid about Steve and Ezio, how similar their stories.
    Steve McGarrett/Ezio Auditore
  • Life Will Go On

    by Galadriel 04-23-2012
    Hawaii 5-0/Stargate Atlantis: After John's dead Steve remember John, their broke up because John believed he cheated on him. in the end Steve realize John was right, someone love him and John would be in his heart forever, the life will go on.
    Life Will Go On
  • Coming Home || Steve/Kate/Danny

    by Jemmz 10-26-2011
    Hawaii 5-0/Lost: After Danny finds out his girlfriend Kate is a fugitive on the run from the law, he and Steve dedicate their time to tracking her down and bringing her in, but it's not as easy as they thought it would be. Dedicated to Becca (ciaimpala) Vimeo pass: jemmzv
    Coming Home || Steve/Kate/Danny
  • You Are Perfect To Me

    by ciaimpala 06-01-2011
    White Collar/Hawaii 5-0: Two of television's most epic bromances-Steve and Danny (Hawaii 5-0) and Neal and Peter (White Collar)
    You Are Perfect To Me
1-7 of 7 Videos 1