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  • Kate and Beth | crossover

    by Guzik90ab 10-26-2014
    Lost/Castle: September 2014 contest 1st place winner!
    Kate and Beth | crossover
  • Skate 2.0

    by Brooke 01-25-2013
    Lost/Castle: Lost and Castle crossover more info at YT
    Skate 2.0
  • The Light From One

    by nikkimonique 01-05-2013
    Bones/Castle: Beckett/Brennan Femslash AU.
    The Light From One
  • Until We Bleed

    by nikkimonique 10-14-2012
    Castle/Fringe: Kate and Olivia meet at a coffee shop one night and become lovers as they help each other through the ups and downs of their jobs and the pasts that haunt them.
    Until We Bleed
  • Red || Booth/Beckett

    by Athena Alexandria 02-05-2012
    Bones/Castle: September 2012 contest submission. Booth becomes increasingly concerned about his girlfriend and partner Beckett's erratic behaviour after she is shot in the line of duty.
    Red || Booth/Beckett
  • Wonderwall || B&B/Caskett

    by Athena Alexandria 08-14-2011
    Bones/Castle: A video comparing the back stories of Temperance Brennan and Kate Beckett and the complicated relationships they have with their partners as a result of their troubled pasts.
    Wonderwall || B&B/Caskett
  • Counting Bodies: Kate and Booth

    by Brooke 08-14-2011
    Bones/Castle: Kate Beckett and Seely Booth are parnters; but Booth takes a bullet for Kate; and Kate reflects on everything they've gone through
    Counting Bodies: Kate and Booth
  • Not much longer

    by sweetevangeline 01-21-2010
    Lost/Castle: Kate Austen and Kate Beckett have been friends for a long time...
    Not much longer
1-8 of 8 Videos 1