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Uruviel littleton_pace emmasholi

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Past Site Leaders

Before LVI could turn into the huge site you see today, it started out as a dream. LC (Aimee) and E () took that dream and made it a reality, through LC's vision and E's amazing webmaster skills. If you happen to see them around, be sure to say hi - and thanks for creating LVI!

As E and LC's RLs (Real Lives) got busy, and they had less time to commit to the site, gradually Warren (Hobbes) took charge of both the leadership and webmaster work on the site. From 2006 to Summer 2007, he has led the site and fine-tuned much of what LVI is today.

In Summer 2007, Warren retired from active duty, and the torch was been passed to Aislynn, who has led the site with a fuzzy iron fist until Spring 2012, and the beginning of LVI's multi-fandom era. Her reign of terror was tragically interrupted by family health issues and LVI's leadership role has subsequently been passed to Heather.

Heather (Uruviel) and her crack team of CMs are now taking LVI into its future as a multi-fandom vidding site!

Lostcalier Enchirito Hobbes Aislynn

About Us

LVI is a non-profit fan site celebrating fanmade videos. To keep it going, it requires the work of a number of people to judge videos, make up contests, improve the site, and keep things interesting. While every member shares the credit for keeping LVI such a great site, the LVI Council has the overall say and responsibility of keeping the site running, and voting on the videos that pass through.

This page is to better introduce the LVI Council, so even a newcomer to the site can know who to turn to when they need help. We are the people who watch every video sent in to the site, and award the best videos Council PickCouncil Pick seals. We are also responsible for the site's maintenance and any big decisions that need making. We are also responsible for the site's maintenance and any big decisions that need making.

If you'd like to become part of the Council, then go out there, make great videos, and be active on the site. The positions are invitation-only, and usually aren't available until an existing member leaves, or we feel we need more CMs to keep the site running smoothly.

All images you see on this page are done by our amazing artists Harry (pre September 2008), Kait (Sept 2008 – July 2009), and Emma (July 2009 – present). Thank you for the amazing work guys!

Every CM who has come through here has left their mark on this site, and helped us immensely in making LVI what it is today. We'd like to honour these past CMs:

Past CMs   (In unofficial order they left)

Charmax JakeNRoland LAURA4LAD Lostzilla Hollywood Crazymol4588 Rocksiren

Polarbear Cylune KajaM Lostaway wolffootball Leylin Belxf

Lost-Majs charmed_charlee Lostwithoutdom Jinlovessunxx ciaimpala HobbitRockGod

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