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Jarlie (Jack & Charlie)

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  • Jack & Charlie- Keep Holding On

    by Wickedgal 08-06-2008
    I always wanted to do a nice Jarlie vid but lacked inspiration til now. Jack and Charlie sort of have a brotherly relationship or so i feel. Enjoy this non-slashy friendship vid of jack and charlie.
    Jack & Charlie- Keep Holding On
  • If You Like Pina Coladas

    by Ethans BFF 07-19-2006
    Jack is tired of Charlie and finds Sawyers personal ad...
    If You Like Pina Coladas
  • Everlasting

    by klein monsti 06-28-2006
    A Jack/Charlie movie Trailer - sets after the rescue. Charlie build up new live with claire but he still can´t forget Jack...
  • You And Me

    by Hollywood 01-22-2006
    Slash: I\'ve never, ever made a slash video... until now that is. It\'s a Jack/Charlie shipper vid dedicated to 4 lovely gals who got me completely and utterly hooked on this ship.
    You And Me
1-4 of 4 Videos 1