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Jaire (Jack & Claire)

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  • palindrome

    by BethJill 10-24-2010
    au video about how jack and claire could have been the new jacob and man in black. full description on youtube.
  • The Second Time Around

    by dayln03 06-22-2009
    one meets his destiny often on the road he takes to avoid it -- french proverb
    The Second Time Around
  • Cry Little Sister

    by Captain Freya 03-15-2009
    [Happy birthday Nikki!]Claire returns after being kidnapped by The Others, just as Jack rejects Kate's advances. Jack and Claire resume their friendship but Kate's jealousy threatens to overwhelm her, as she watches them grow closer...
    Cry Little Sister
  • Miles From Where You Are

    by dayln03 11-07-2008
    Jack spins further and further into a downward spiral of desperation and despair, praying only to be back with Sawyer & Claire
    Miles From Where You Are
  • Post Blue

    by starryeyesxx 08-14-2007
    When Jack fails to save Claire from drowning, his guilt haunts him and he begins to go insane.
    Post Blue
  • A Jack/Claire Story

    by Lostzilla 04-08-2006
    A Jack/Claire Story
    A Jack/Claire Story
  • Mistakes Destinies and Fate

    by -x- Angelic -x- 03-02-2006
    Claire and Jack obviously have a past.But what could have gone on to make them so negative towards each other?When fate puts them on the same plane that crashes on a deserted island they are forced to interact with each other once more.Jack finds his feel
    Mistakes Destinies and Fate
  • November Rain

    by Devan 02-24-2006
    February 2006 contest submission
    November Rain
  • Jaire Movie Trailer

    by ebizmybef74 01-09-2006
    A movie trailer about two people Jack and Claire!
    Jaire Movie Trailer
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