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dayln03 (Dayln)

Username: dayln03
Alternate Name: Dayln
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Other Fandoms: Supernatural
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  • Chuck | Horror Trailer

    by dayln03 10-29-2011
    Chuck: October 2011 contest 3rd place winner!
    Chuck | Horror Trailer
  • Lucid Dreams

    by dayln03 08-27-2010
    Lost: Oh so why don't you come along
    Lucid Dreams
  • all i need in this life of sin

    by dayln03 04-20-2010
    Lost: bonnie & clyde, jawyercita style
    all i need in this life of sin
  • The Second Time Around

    by dayln03 06-22-2009
    Lost: one meets his destiny often on the road he takes to avoid it -- french proverb
    The Second Time Around
  • Miles From Where You Are

    by dayln03 11-07-2008
    Lost: Jack spins further and further into a downward spiral of desperation and despair, praying only to be back with Sawyer & Claire
    Miles From Where You Are
  • The Secret That We Keep

    by dayln03 05-26-2007
    Lost: (AU) Jack, Claire, and Sawyer are all in a relationship they feel they have to keep secret. But the secret that once bound them together is now the same secret that tears them apart.
    The Secret That We Keep
  • I Had a Dream

    by dayln03 04-26-2007
    Lost: Lost/Supernatural Crossover. Sam has a dream/premonition about Kate. So he and Dean try to track her down by finding the people she knows and the places she's been.
    I Had a Dream
  • Let You Down

    by dayln03 04-17-2007
    Lost: Jack knows The Others can't be trusted because they lie. But in the end Jack does trust them, and becomes one of them and soon he's the one letting everyone else down
    Let You Down
  • No One Else

    by dayln03 04-14-2007
    Lost: (AU) A serious look at all that Jack/Sawyer's relationship has been through so far on the island.
    No One Else
  • Cupid's Chokehold

    by dayln03 04-07-2007
    Lost: The boys want to show some love for their girlfriends
    Cupid's Chokehold
  • Closer

    by dayln03 02-24-2007
    Lost: A short vid about Jack's darker, crazier side! --warning-- very explicit/naughty lyrics!
  • A Little at a Time

    by dayln03 02-18-2007
    Lost: When Kate ends her marraige with Jack, she unknowingly sends both their lives crashing down
    A Little at a Time
  • Something Different

    by dayln03 02-11-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliet have felt alot of the same pain in their lives. Now that they're on the island they have a chance for something different, something better, with each other.
    Something Different
  • Felt Like a Lifetime

    by dayln03 02-09-2007
    Lost: January 2007 Contest 3rd place winner!
    Felt Like a Lifetime
  • The Butterfly Effect

    by dayln03 01-28-2007
    Lost: The Butterfly Effect movie trailer -- LOST style. Made it a couple months ago, wanted to get rid of it
    The Butterfly Effect
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