LVI Vidding Ranks

What are They?

Vidding ranks are titles that are awarded to vidders based on their Gold Viewer PickViewer Pick scores. The better a vidder they are, and the more vids they have, the higher their ranks becomes. Each rank has specific requirements to achieve, but you do not need to maintain those requirements once you have it (So you can feel free to relax and take some risks if you're already an Expert vidder). The higher your vidding rank is, the more well-known you will be on the site, and the more power your vote will have when voting on other people's videos.

The requirements are as follows: Averages are calculated from your latest 10 videos only

Novice Vidder: Default rank if you're a vidder.

Intermediate Vidder: Requires you have an average of "1/3", meaning your vids are either given "Bronze" VPs or better.

Advanced Vidder: Requires your latest vids have an average of "Silver" and you have made at least 5 vids, OR your average video is gold (with no minimum number of vids).

Expert Vidder: Requires you have made at least 10 videos, and your latest 10 have an average score of "Gold".


Expert Advanced Intermediate Novice