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Sayana (Sayid & Ana Lucia)

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  • So Close

    by Kaory 09-03-2008
    August 2008 contest submission
    So Close
  • A Real Fairytale

    by Kaory 12-04-2007
    Lost AU.Ana Lucia is a mermaid and fall in love with sawyer.When she leave the ocean to find her love met Sayid who become her best friend and fall in love with Ana Lucia.
    A Real Fairytale
  • Trouble

    by firstanointed 08-22-2007
    An Anayid themed character study
  • Figured you out

    by Scu 05-12-2007
    He's figured her out.
    Figured you out
  • Don't Bother

    by Hobbes 10-09-2006
    AU: Ana Lucia is desperate for Sayid's attention.
    Don't Bother
1-5 of 5 Videos 1