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Hubby (Hurley & Libby)

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  • Sympathy

    by Uruviel 10-07-2011
    A Suliet & Hubby video.
  • I Love You

    by Wickedgal 07-09-2011
    Hurley & Libby's short lived romance is still a favourite of mine, so here is a small tribute to them.
    I Love You
  • My Imaginary Friend

    by supermander11 09-15-2009
    September 2009 contest submission - Hurley's imaginary friend Dave isn't there for him when he needs him the most, so he has to find a real one, Libby.
    My Imaginary Friend
  • Hurley & Libby - Anyone Else But You

    by MCnineteen91 01-26-2008
    A short, sweet Hurley/Libby vid to the song, Anyone Else But You, which is from the movie Juno.
    Hurley & Libby - Anyone Else But You
  • Not Enough Time

    by Uruviel 04-09-2007
    This vid is about Sayid & Shannon, & Hurley & Libby, and how each couple's time together is too short.
    Not Enough Time
  • Gnarls Hurley

    by maxfisher 10-08-2006
    I remember when Hurley lost his mind... you think he's crazy? probably
    Gnarls Hurley
  • What Hurts The Most

    by charmed_charlee 08-18-2006
    After Libby's Death Hurley is trying to get over it but he can't
    What Hurts The Most
  • Lost in Love Far Away

    by Charlie13 08-09-2006
    An ensemble cast vid that resembles a trailer but is as long as a music video. About the relationships formed on the island.
    Lost in Love Far Away
  • Hold On

    by nomad 07-25-2006
    This video is about Hurley and his struggles before and after Libbys death. Once she is gone, will he continue to get better or follow Dave again?
    Hold On
  • Last Night On Earth

    by lolohannah 06-16-2006
    If it was the last night on earth. I just want you to know I love you.
    Last Night On Earth
  • Beauty and the Beast

    by Uruviel 04-27-2006
    A Hurley/Libby vid.
    Beauty and the Beast
  • One and Only

    by KajaM 04-24-2006
    Pure Hurley-worshiping video! Because he really is the one and only and because 80s music rocks! Featuring Libby Charlie Dave and Johnny
    One and Only
  • Kiss The Girl

    by KajaM 03-09-2006
    My first Hurley/Libby video. Hurley is in love with Libby but he is just too shy to tell her. His friends try to help...
    Kiss The Girl
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