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Shoone (Shannon & Boone)

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  • Please Don't Leave Me

    by starryeyesxx 09-05-2011
    Pretty straight forward Shannon/Boone vid. She treats him horribly, she doesn't ever want him to leave.
    Please Don't Leave Me
  • According To You

    by Uruviel 01-07-2011
    Shannon doesn't do anything right in Boone's eyes, but everything right in Sayid's!
    According To You
  • LOST Boone & Shannon - She's Always A Woman

    by PBJNewbie 06-24-2010
    My tribute to the most dysfunctional, funny, perverse and interesting couple in Lost. I've had this idea for months but I always ended up putting it off - then my obsession for Boone came out of nowhere again and I finally decided to make it. Hope you gu
    LOST Boone & Shannon - She's Always A Woman
  • Time Of Dying

    by Uruviel 08-06-2009
    As Boone is dying, he remembers Shannon and waits for her to come to him.
    Time Of Dying
  • Wherever You Will Go

    by Uruviel 01-04-2009
    Boone will always be with Shannon, even after his death.
    Wherever You Will Go
  • Leave Out All the Rest

    by HobbitRockGod 12-28-2008
    Before Boone died, he said to tell Shannon, but we never did find out what Boone wanted to say. This is my take on Boone's final thoughts.
    Leave Out All the Rest
  • Donkey Punch Tralier

    by Freckles08 08-02-2008
    A trailer for the movie Donkey Punch Starring Shannon,Boone,Claire,Charlie,Kate and Sawyer
    Donkey Punch Tralier
  • So Desperately

    by Dojh167 07-12-2008
    Shannon, despite any denial which she may hide behind, finally has to admit that she does care for Boone more than anybody has ever known. But will she be able to tell him how she really feels?
    So Desperately
  • Face Down

    by HobbitRockGod 06-09-2008
    Shannon is with Boone, but Sayid, who is in love with her, knows he's been abusing her. He tries to help, and gradually Shannon begins to get bolder. One day when Boone hurts Shannon more than he means to, a vengeful Sayid takes matters into his own hands
    Face Down
  • Half Light

    by starryeyesxx 02-08-2008
    A really short Boone/Shannon video showing them reunited after death.
    Half Light
  • Crush Crush Crush

    by starryeyesxx 01-24-2008
    A Boone/Shannon/Sayid video showing how Boone felt like Shannon forgot all about him when she met Sayid.
    Crush Crush Crush
  • I Really Don't Like You

    by HobbitRockGod 01-16-2008
    After Boone finds out that Shannon conned him, he begins hating her instead of loving her. Shannon and Boone start being really mean to each other, but after Boone dies, Shannon regrets what she did to him and that she never said sorry.
    I Really Don't Like You
  • That's what you get

    by Jinlovessunxx 12-07-2007
    A video about Shannon and Boone and their relationship.
    That's what you get
  • Say What You Will

    by mistojen 06-04-2007
    Tribute vid to Boone, Shannon, and Charlie (as well as Shoone, PB&J, and Shayid) Purposefully a bit montage-y, fyi
    Say What You Will
  • Brick

    by PrincessSparkle 02-01-2007
    Trailer from the movie 'Brick' with Lost clips
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