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Bennet (Ben & Juliet)

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  • A Friend Like Ben

    by Alexann 07-31-2009
    Just a little video that shows what a good friend Ben is. ; )
    A Friend Like Ben
  • Lost Misery Trailer

    by Polarbear 07-27-2009
    Misery Trailer with Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost.
    Lost Misery Trailer
  • New In Town

    by xSoppySofax 07-20-2009
    description on yt
    New In Town
  • You're So Vain

    by nightdancer342 04-29-2009
    April 2009 Contest Submission.
    You're So Vain
  • Halo

    by xSoppySofax 04-13-2009
    Ben appreicates the two women who saved his life as a boy Juliet and Kate
  • Juliet

    by nightdancer342 02-19-2009
    Ben's obsession with Juliet.
  • The Movie of My Life

    by NepEnut 11-28-2008
    Bennet AU - Ben is in love with Juliet. Juliet is in love with...um...someone else!
    The Movie of My Life
  • Have You Seen Me Lately

    by nikkimonique 11-19-2008
    Juliet character study, dedicated to Paul. Credit to Kat for the awesome vid pic. Please watcin in HQ or on Imeem. Thanks!
    Have You Seen Me Lately
  • Best I Ever Had

    by FarrenfollowsBen 09-29-2008
    Juliet leaves Ben for Jack, but she soon regrets it. She realizes that what she had with Ben was special and she could never have that with any other man, including Jack. Jack is a nice guy, but Ben was just the best she's ever had. Since Ben is not takin
    Best I Ever Had
  • Fade to Black

    by NepEnut 09-21-2008
    September 2008 contest 3rd place winner! Ben is haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, the decisions he's made and the people he's lost along the way.
    Fade to Black
  • Frozen

    by xSoppySofax 08-01-2008
    since alex death ben has not coped he is having nightmares and hullincinations juliet wants to help him but he won't let her only one thing that could help him revenge on the murderer
  • Hurt Again

    by LordXwee 07-31-2008
    AU. Ben is Juliet's abusive boyfriend. People know she's in pain, but don't understand why Juliet stays with him. She takes some action and everyone sees she regrets it. Gray=memory.
    Hurt Again
  • Not In Portland

    by 2ndTourofFinland 07-28-2008
    July 2008 Contest Submission. When Juliet accepts a job at Mittelos Bioscience she is thrust into a web of lies and deceit as Ben does everything he can to keep her from leaving the island and him.
    Not In Portland
  • I don't wanna know but you should really know

    by xSoppySofax 06-16-2008
    contains flashing images.A Ben & Juliet video. description on youtube
    I don't wanna know but you should really know
  • In Pieces

    by NepEnut 06-08-2008
    Juliet will be the one to leave this all in pieces and leave Ben alone with all his secrets and regrets.
    In Pieces
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