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Username: Polarbear
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Website: http://www.wasted-love.com/mvcollection/
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Bio: I'm 25 years old and I am an Englishman. I've been vidding since May 2005. Lost inspired me to start 'cause it is such a great show. Hope you like my vids!

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  • Strawberry Avalanche

    by Polarbear 12-10-2012
    The Walking Dead: Very gory but funny video on TWD.
    Strawberry Avalanche
  • Perform This Way - Cameron/Eric (Modern Family)

    by Polarbear 01-18-2012
    Modern Family: Wishlist gift for Karolina. Crazy video about Cameron from Modern Family and the actor as well.
    Perform This Way - Cameron/Eric (Modern Family)
  • An Idiot in Lost

    by Polarbear 11-21-2011
    Lost/An Idiot Abroad: Crossover between Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad and Lost. Made for Jemma's wishlist.
    An Idiot in Lost
  • Dancing on My Own - Shannon/Sayid

    by Polarbear 11-20-2011
    Lost: After her death Shannon is trapped on the island as a ghost. Tormented by not being able to be with her true love Sayid.. can she find a way to get to him and/or eventually pass over to the other plain of existence?
    Dancing on My Own - Shannon/Sayid
  • I need something (Sawyer)

    by Polarbear 12-19-2009
    Lost: Secret Santa video for Saben. Kate, Hurley and Juliet help Sawyer to becoming a better person.
    I need something (Sawyer)
  • In your eyes - Jawyer

    by Polarbear 09-30-2009
    Lost: A Jawyer video inspired by the Jimmy Kimmel skit.
    In your eyes - Jawyer
  • Man in the Mirror

    by Polarbear 08-25-2009
    Lost: August 2009 contest 3rd place winner! After the bomb blows up time is reset to the crash and Ben is the only one who remembers anything and decides to do things differently.
    Man in the Mirror
  • Lost Misery Trailer

    by Polarbear 07-27-2009
    Lost: Misery Trailer with Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost.
    Lost Misery Trailer
  • Twenty Four Hours - Sawyer/Juliet

    by Polarbear 07-19-2009
    Lost: Sawyer/Juliet video about how they can never be happy for too long because things are always trying to tear them apart. Dedicated to Stacey, my fellow fan of Suliet and the lovely Elizabeth Mitchell.
    Twenty Four Hours - Sawyer/Juliet
  • One of Us - Locke

    by Polarbear 07-19-2009
    Lost: 'What if god was one one of us.. just a slob like one of us.. just a stranger one of us trying to make his way home.' John Locke music video.
    One of Us - Locke
  • You Found Me (DesPenny)

    by Polarbear 12-16-2008
    Lost: Desmond's journey to find his one true love Penny.
    You Found Me (DesPenny)
  • Liquefy (Sawyer/Kate AU)

    by Polarbear 11-28-2008
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate have a long distance relationship but make the most of the time they get with each other. They often go down to the lake where they swim together amongst other things.
    Liquefy (Sawyer/Kate AU)
  • Dream Catch Me

    by Polarbear 09-22-2008
    Lost: Sawyer's POV. After the island has moved Sawyer can't stop thinking about Kate. Everywhere he looks something reminds him of her. Dedicated to Aislynn <3
    Dream Catch Me
  • The Lost King

    by Polarbear 08-27-2008
    Lost: August 2008 contest submission
    The Lost King
  • Pork and Beans

    by Polarbear 08-22-2008
    Lost: Evil Jack rules..
    Pork and Beans
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