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Blaire (Boone & Claire)

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  • Somewhere Only We Know

    by starryeyesxx 11-24-2011
    An AU video, all season 1, as if the Island meant to bring Claire and Boone together.
    Somewhere Only We Know
  • You Picked Me

    by Jemmz 12-05-2010
    An AU couples vidlet for Kat's wishlist! Blaire/Date/Sunyid.
    You Picked Me
  • It's Not Over

    by Uruviel 02-16-2010
    When Boone dies, Claire sets off the bomb so that Oceanic 815 never crashes. But will that save him or is he meant to die? *Season 6 spoilers*
    It's Not Over
  • Fix Me - Trailer

    by littleton_pace 11-02-2008
    Dark AU. A young man's fixation to save his drug addicted girlfriend.
    Fix Me - Trailer
  • farewell - boone/claire

    by littleton_pace 10-30-2008
    October 2008 contest 2nd place winner! AU. Boone's death hits Claire in a way she didn't expect.
    farewell - boone/claire
  • Boone & Claire AU- Bring it on Back

    by Mr. Ribbits 07-05-2008
    AU video shipping Boone and Claire. See YouTube for storyline that won't fit here.
    Boone & Claire AU- Bring it on Back
  • Brick

    by PrincessSparkle 02-01-2007
    Trailer from the movie 'Brick' with Lost clips
  • Unfaithful

    by starryeyesxx 11-24-2006
    Charlie/Claire/Boone video. Claire is cheating on Charlie with Boone, but decides to end it, then they all end up on the same flight.
  • smile

    by peanutbutter4eva 07-31-2006
    This is my 1st shot at an AU video. Its a Blaire video. Basically Booone cheats on Claire wid Shannon and then Claire gets wid charlie but then Boone wants Claire back. Just watch it and hopefully u will understand it lol
  • Boones confessions

    by Laoghaire 01-06-2006
    Boone deceived Shannon with Claire...Shannon want´s revenge for the pain...
    Boones confessions
1-10 of 10 Videos 1