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Shack (Shannon & Jack)

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  • Far Away

    by starryeyesxx 03-24-2012
    This is really short & kind of a remake, I made a Jack/Shannon video years ago & I just always wanted to make something of the hospital manips & the concept that Jack & Shannon were together & then he couldn't save her father, so that's basically all this
    Far Away
  • You Were Always On My Mind

    by starryeyesxx 07-18-2007
    Jack & Shannon were married before the plane crash, now Jack looks back on where it all went wrong.
    You Were Always On My Mind
  • So Far Away

    by starryeyesxx 01-03-2007
    Jack/Shannon video. It's basically they love each other, but are against fate - so everything goes wrongs for them.
    So Far Away
  • Getting Even

    by LOSTOnAnIsland 11-16-2006
    Shannon and Jack are happy together until he meets Kate and falls for her. Shannon finds out and wants to get even!
    Getting Even
  • A New Life

    by luvforsawyer 06-18-2006
    AU. Shannon wants her new life to be with Jack.
    A New Life
1-5 of 5 Videos 1