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Date (Desmond & Kate)

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  • You Picked Me

    by Jemmz 12-05-2010
    An AU couples vidlet for Kat's wishlist! Blaire/Date/Sunyid.
    You Picked Me
  • I Found A Reason

    by soapbubbles511 07-11-2009
    What comes is better than what came before... A little Date vid dedicated to the spammers
    I Found A Reason
  • Desmond and Kate AU

    by foxy9 09-18-2008
    This is my first AU!! I made it to Desmond and Kate. They meet on the island and fall in love, they are separated, but find their way back to each other, only for Desmond to realize that they are not suppose to be together.
    Desmond and Kate AU
  • Cupids Chokehold

    by applecake 10-09-2007
    AU, Desmond has found himself a girlfriend who unfortunately cheats on him a lot. Never the less Desmond still wants to marry her.
    Cupids Chokehold
  • Tonight I Wanna Cry

    by Aislynn 08-17-2006
    A Desmond/Kate AU vid
    Tonight I Wanna Cry
  • Promise

    by Poison Ivy 08-06-2006
    My first vid - Desmond/Kate AU. They were close before, and Kate has to deal with meeting Desmond again on the island.
1-6 of 6 Videos 1