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Clocke (Claire & Locke)

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  • How Long

    by OpenMouthWideEye 09-02-2007
    AU Locke loves Claire, but all she wants from Locke is friendship. As Locke struggles with this, he watches Claire's relationship with Charlie blossom, growing increasingly more obsessed; but how far will he go to get what he wants?
    How Long
  • Divorcee by 23

    by Capnlou 03-11-2007
    February 2007 contest submission
    Divorcee by 23
  • my confession

    by fadingspark 12-12-2006
    Locke realises that he's in love with Claire. Follows him from his denial, to his admittal.
    my confession
  • protege moi

    by fadingspark 10-25-2006
    A Claire/Locke video with a dark AU twist. Locke is enamoured with Claire from the moment he lays eyes on her. She likes the attention for a little while, until he starts to get obsessed with her. She's starting to get scared as he starts to get threa
    protege moi
  • The Ultimate Claire Shipper Vid

    by KajaM 08-14-2006
    People often say in the forums that Claire is very shippable. I decided to make a vid about this, not to be taken too seriously tho. It's about how all the guys want to be with her, but she's out of reach... or isn't she? Who will be with her in the end?
    The Ultimate Claire Shipper Vid
  • nobody wins

    by fadingspark 05-06-2006
    Claire and Locke just cant win in a reletionship A purely angsty AU video
    nobody wins
  • One Thing

    by fadingspark 02-07-2006
    February 2006 contest submission If there is one thing that can save Locke its Claire
    One Thing
  • Wonderwall

    by fadingspark 02-03-2006
    Maybe Claire can save Locke Lockes POV
1-8 of 8 Videos 1