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Clayid (Claire & Sayid)

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  • Heaven Sent

    by Uruviel 05-11-2009
    Claire is sent to be with Sayid.
    Heaven Sent
  • ..if we kissed? - Sayid Claire -

    by fabri086 06-24-2008
    - what would happen if they kissed? a Clayid vid -
    ..if we kissed? - Sayid Claire -
  • Together - a Clayid trailer

    by littleton_pace 04-02-2008
    When Claire turned down Sayid she thought she'd never see him again. Then when they board an ill-fated flight; they are brought back together. But how can you trust someone you barely know? Especially when they don't believe you?
    Together - a Clayid trailer
  • Fear - Claire/Sayid

    by littleton_pace 02-22-2008
    After Thomas abandons a very pregnant Claire, she must face life as a single mother. Then she meets Sayid; a man who seems to be everything she needs. But will her fear of being abandoned again keep her from finding happiness for her and her son?
    Fear - Claire/Sayid
  • Let Love In - Claire/Sayid Trailer

    by littleton_pace 11-20-2007
    Claire has had a depressing life and things only get worse when she gets aboard the ill-fated Oceanic Flight 815. But then she meets a man who is everything she ever needed. Will she be able to let him into her life?
    Let Love In - Claire/Sayid Trailer
  • All The Same - Claire/Sayid

    by littleton_pace 11-15-2007
    Claire and Sayid have a connection but neither is sure what it means. As time goes on and they realize that they are always there for one another, they see that the love they have, whether as friends or more, is all the same.
    All The Same - Claire/Sayid
1-6 of 6 Videos 1