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Sana (Sawyer & Ana Lucia)

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  • Make Me Better - Part 2

    by nikkimonique 12-03-2010
    This is a sequel to Kat's awesome vid. Ana tries to move on with her life but is stuck in a world of guilt for leaving her baby behind.
    Make Me Better - Part 2
  • Love the way you lie

    by xSoppySofax 09-26-2010
    description @ yt
    Love the way you lie
  • Theres no place like home

    by Kaory 05-22-2010
    May 2010 contest submission.Sawyer presence a car crash with a women involved (Ana Lucia) when Sawyer see her face, begin to remember memories of another life
    Theres no place like home
  • Undisclosed Desires

    by Kaory 04-03-2010
    March 2010 contest submission. Sawyer and Ana Lucia became partners and Sawyer propose Ana Lucia help each other to find the mens who destroyed their lives.
    Undisclosed Desires
  • Spirit of Last Christmas

    by Kaory 12-31-2009
    December 2009 contest submission
    Spirit of Last Christmas
  • The Things That We Don't Say

    by Belle MacFarlane 11-06-2009
    Best Newcomer in November 09 contest! =D Full description on YT
    The Things That We Don't Say
  • LoveGame_Skate/Sana

    by Kaory 09-06-2009
    The game of love is like a drug adictive and dangerous
  • I Trust(ed) You

    by Wickedgal 01-03-2009
    A tale of love, hope, life and above all, two characters' strength to learn from and forgive each other.
    I Trust(ed) You
  • Betrayal

    by xSoppySofax 03-26-2008
    Bate/Skate/Sana AU. Ben and Kate our in relationship, which has kinda fizzled out. She turns to Sawyer and falls in love, and Ben knows exactly whats going on! Kate takes pregnancy test and tells Sawyer shes not pregnant! But is she lying? Ben manipulates
  • Think Twice

    by Scu 04-11-2007
    'Think twice 'fore you touch my girl, Sawyer' Jacks POV.
    Think Twice
  • La Vida Loca

    by LionQueen 12-11-2006
    Fate calls Ana Lucia
    La Vida Loca
  • This Love

    by Kaory 11-29-2006
    The beging of the vid is the end of the story, Ana shoot Jack,but why? All start when Kate ,who is married with Sawyer, see Sawyer and Ana ,who is married with Jack, too close and think they have something.She try tell Jack something going on between this
    This Love
  • Lucy

    by Kaory 10-09-2006
    Ana Lucia is death but Sawyer can see her everywhere
  • Sugar, we're going down

    by Scu 09-09-2006
    Sana vid. Because Sawyer is her number one with a bullet.
    Sugar, we're going down
  • Two Princes

    by Scu 09-05-2006
    my video about Ana Lucia, Jack and Sawyer.
    Two Princes
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