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Wickedgal (Amy)

Username: Wickedgal
Alternate Name: Amy
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Titanic, LOTR, FRIENDS
Email: lil_crazy_chuckles@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Hi, I'm Amy, I'm an Aquarius, I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and frisky women (just kidding about that last one). Other than plagarizing quotes from Supernatural (hee,hee) I enjoy vidding, ficcing and watching Lost, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Come talk to me, I'm adorable. (See, can't stop with the Supernatural quotes). :P

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Wickedgal's Videos

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  • Time of Your Life

    by Wickedgal 03-07-2013
    Criminal Minds: Tribute to Emily Prentiss, concentrating on her final episode.
    Time of Your Life
  • If We Hold On Together

    by Wickedgal 01-26-2013
    Criminal Minds: Another Criminal Minds video for me. If you don't watch this show, please start, it's amazing.
    If We Hold On Together
  • Sing

    by Wickedgal 01-14-2013
    Criminal Minds: January 2013 contest submission. A look at what makes Criminal Minds epic, which is, essentially, the characters and their relationships, because in the end they are not just a team, they are a family.
  • Too Cold [Character Study of Emily Prentiss]

    by Wickedgal 01-05-2013
    Criminal Minds: Character study of Emily Prentiss. Only concentrated on two eps in season 4 :) Hope you enjoyed.
    Too Cold [Character Study of Emily Prentiss]
  • Kiss The Girl

    by Wickedgal 02-24-2012
    The Vampire Diaries: Oldish video. Made before the kiss of 3x10. Sort of submitting this for the sake of submitting as I haven't posted a vid in a while. Enjoy.
    Kiss The Girl
  • Where Are You Christmas?

    by Wickedgal 12-17-2011
    Multifandom: December 2011 contest 3rd place winner! A video tribute to those characters who lose sight of what's important at xmas, and how they find faith in the holiday again.
    Where Are You Christmas?
  • As Long As You're Mine||Lloyd & Olivia

    by Wickedgal 12-09-2011
    Flashforward: Another FF vid from me, focusing on Lloyd and Olivia.
    As Long As You're Mine||Lloyd & Olivia
  • Flashforward|| This Woman's Work

    by Wickedgal 12-05-2011
    Flashforward: Wishlist gift for Jemma. Tribute to the two female leads of the show.
    Flashforward|| This Woman's Work
  • Eternal - Wishlist gift for Tammy

    by Wickedgal 11-29-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: A wishlist gift for Tammy. A video focusing on the epicness that is Stefan and Elena.
    Eternal - Wishlist gift for Tammy
  • It'll Start With A Smile

    by Wickedgal 11-04-2011
    Glee: Gift for Millie as a way of saying thanks for a fab weekend together!! Small Glee tribute focusing on eps 1 & 4 of the new season.
    It'll Start With A Smile
  • But We Still Hold On

    by Wickedgal 10-09-2011
    CSI:New York: Tribute to the first episode of the new season. The team reflects on where they were when the towers fell.
    But We Still Hold On
  • Through Your Eyes

    by Wickedgal 10-01-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: A Damon & Elena vid concentrating on their journey so far in season 3.
    Through Your Eyes
  • Farewell

    by Wickedgal 09-24-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: A tribute to Rose and Andie, the very short lived characters on the show.
  • Change In The Weather

    by Wickedgal 09-20-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: Spoilers for Vampire Diaries 3x01. A tribute to three of my fave couples on the show.
     Change In The Weather
  • The Guardian

    by Wickedgal 09-04-2011
    Lost/The Vampire Diaries: September 2011 Contest Submission. Kate is Jenna forced to raise her niece and nephew.
    The Guardian
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