Cry Little Sister by Captain Freya



  • "Cry Little Sister" 03-15-2009
    [Happy birthday Nikki!]Claire returns after being kidnapped by The Others, just as Jack rejects Kate's advances. Jack and Claire resume their friendship but Kate's jealousy threatens to overwhelm her, as she watches them grow closer...
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Cry Little Sister by Aiden
    Length: 4:24 (64MB WMB)
    Program: Sony Vegas 8.0
  • Characters/Ships: "Jaire", Kate Austen, "Jate"

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • dduked posted on 21.03. at 06:09
    Almost Perfect. Bravo. Liked the echoes very much and generally the voiceovers.
  • thebloomatic posted on 16.03. at 11:57
    Whooooaaa sooo chilling! Loooove it! Parents should seriously talk more to their kids before something like this actually happens.. :/ Hahaha Gah it was soooo good. Amazing job!
  • cagedfreedom posted on 16.03. at 05:12
    AMAZING!!!! you are a vidding God!!! I said more at YT but this video is sooooo well done and thought out. Gold without question.
  • Captain Freya posted on 16.03. at 04:12
    YAY! Thanks everyone!!
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 15.03. at 18:44
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Dark, twisted, a fabulous way! Excellent use of Kate blowing up her stepdaddy, and Jack's "You're not even RELATED." Just..OMG there was so much goodness here.
  • loudpaw posted on 15.03. at 11:52
    Wow...that made a lump in my stomach words can describe how wonderfully done this was!!!!
  • ciaimpala posted on 15.03. at 11:33
    This was so perfectly manipped! You told such a dark insane amazing story and you told it so well. The use of this song about little sister coming to her brother was so eerie and foreshadowed the ending so well. The audio manips were incredible too.
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 15.03. at 11:05
    Freya, I blummin' loved it!
    First of all big Lost Boys fan so adored the song

    Everything about this video was ace, I really loved the 3 years later part especially the reveal about Claire I was like Yay for using that
    I also loved the bit where Kate said 'everytime I look at you it makes me sick' and then the ending when she blew the house up and then when Jack asked her what she'd done Kudos on that!
    Your au scene were awesomeness!
    Awesome job Freya!
  • Captain Freya posted on 15.03. at 10:35
    Awww.. thanks you two! I'm really glad y'all liked it. Everyone's loving ker-azy Kate huh?! It's just so deliciously easy to make her look like a psycho.
  • emmasholi posted on 15.03. at 08:37
    OMG WOW Freya! That was so awesome...and so dark and twisted lol! Crazy awesome storyline and you pulled it off superbly all your scene manips were freakin fab! Ooh and I especially sadly evil it was...when Kate said that everytime she looked at Aaron it made her sick And the end! Outstandingly fantastical work!!!
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