Everlasting by klein monsti


  • littleton_pace posted on 11.07. at 16:07
    could you post a new link for this please? I'd really love to see it!!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 13.07. at 11:49
    Very believable Jarlie trailer!

    Congrats on the council pick!
  • The_Phantom_CC posted on 05.07. at 13:02
    I'm not really into the Jarlie action (I'm more PB&J oriented :p) but I really liked it. The editing was really amazing. I was like, I wanna see that movie!
  • allycat529 posted on 01.07. at 08:02
    hey can u put it on youtube?
  • Spiral Static posted on 30.06. at 16:40
    Awesome trailer!

    I loved the 'LOSTAWAYS Association of America!'! Nice little touch there.

    I really loved the way you put the whole thing together. The 'Are you breaking up with me' part looked great. And I loved the 'Come on mate, give us another chance', that was awesome.

    Great job!
  • Lost Freak 4815 posted on 29.06. at 18:24
    That was friggin' awesome! I'd definately see that movie! Great job on putting it together, klein monsti! Great songs with it, too.
  • becauseofyou posted on 29.06. at 10:07
    it wont play for me. could u put it on youtube or putfile.thanks
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 29.06. at 03:10
    One word brilliant. i <3 the beginning where it says by the lostaways assosiation of america.
    I think i have now also become a jarlie fan lol.
  • -x- Angelic -x- posted on 29.06. at 02:07
    I liked it.... well the first 20 seconds.....

    After that it just kept cutting out....

    Just thought id let you know because i really wanna see it! lol o incase it happens to anyone else....

  • Hollywood posted on 29.06. at 01:35
    Hey klein monsti!

    Glad you sent this vid in. I already told you over at LF how much I loved it but I'll just let you know again.

    Well for starters I'm a HUGE Jarlier. lol. Anyone from around here will tell ya too.
    second: I . LOVED . THIS . VID!!! Seriously, I thought it was great. The editing and all that AU was done amazingly well. My favourite bit was the . . .

    Charlie: "Come on mate. Give us another chance"
    Jack: "I can't" part.

    That scene actually looked like it was from the show.
    Loved the song choices as well, all of them were great and so was this vid.
    Excellent job! Thank you so much for making it. I got it bookmarked and everything. lol.

    Oh and ah . . . Go JARLIEEEEEEEE!!!!!
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