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klein monsti

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  • Everlasting

    by klein monsti 06-28-2006
    Lost: A Jack/Charlie movie Trailer - sets after the rescue. Charlie build up new live with claire but he still can´t forget Jack...
  • Beloved Enemy

    by klein monsti 06-20-2006
    Lost: AU Skate Trailer - Both Kate and Sawyer are assassins. One day the end up in each other´s cross-hairs.
    Beloved Enemy
  • Apple Candy

    by klein monsti 03-12-2006
    Lost: Kate is with Jack - Sawyer is jealous. He wants Kate and in some way he also wants the man she´s in love with...
    Apple Candy
  • Far away

    by klein monsti 03-06-2006
    Lost: Slash Jack/Sawyer - Sawyer´s point of view
    Far away
1-4 of 4 Videos 1