You And Me by Hollywood

  • "You And Me" 01-22-2006
    Slash: I\'ve never, ever made a slash video... until now that is. It\'s a Jack/Charlie shipper vid dedicated to 4 lovely gals who got me completely and utterly hooked on this ship.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: You And Me by Lifehouse
    Vidder: Hollywood
    Length: 2:32 (10.2 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Jarlie"


  • ciaimpala posted on 20.09. at 16:33
    Thanks for reposting this Kat-it was great!
  • littleton_pace posted on 19.09. at 23:57
    I actually had this saved on my comp so I reloaded it into mediafire for anyone who wants to watch it
  • ciaimpala posted on 15.02. at 18:11
    Any chance you could repost this? I would LOVE to see it.
  • littleton_pace posted on 06.07. at 03:47
    omg, i love slash!!! This was so great! i've never seen a Jarlie vid before; this one was perfect im a massive Jawyer fan so i thought I'd give this one a go and see how i liked it; and i LOVED IT! the editing was perfect. i love those boys
  • Hollywood posted on 09.05. at 23:44
    Awww . . . thanks KajaM! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • KajaM posted on 09.05. at 00:29
    Hi Holly!
    I never thought of *this* couple, but it is an awesome vid! The choice of scenes is great and the manipulated clips are so very well done. What a cute vid!!!
  • Hollywood posted on 03.05. at 23:27
    Thanks so much Anya and Angelic. Glad you both liked it!
  • -x- Angelic -x- posted on 30.04. at 02:17
    Only just saw this vid and i have to saw its amazing!

    Never really thought about these two as a ship before but you diffenatly opened my eyes to it now! lol. Im a huge CC Fan and kind of a Jate fan lol to see a Jarlie vid was just new to me and i really liked it. These two are my fav characters (ok along with Claire) lol they are just so sweet and together they're even better! lol. Each time i watch lost now im gonna be looking for chemistry between them!

    Love the song so much and i also loved the way you edited the clips with the whole slipt screen thing. The clips you put together were very imaginitive(sp). Have to say this is probably the best ship vid ive seen even compared with all the common ships ive seene eg. CC, Jate, Skate, etc

    Great Job!
  • Anya posted on 13.03. at 13:08
    Jack and Charlie just look so adorable together... I loved it H!!!! Really,really,really, loved it!
  • Hollywood posted on 13.03. at 12:36
    LOL Thanks Madz25! Glad you liked it.

    SteelerFanMary, here's a RapidShare link. Hopefully this one works for ya.
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