It's Intense.

The Tourney:

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This 5-week showdown of the best videos on the site is a celebration of the best talent on LVI. While one of these 60 videos will eventually be crowned the best video on LVI, it should be an intense honour to just be listed. The purpose is not just to determine a winner, but to look back on the best videos and enjoy ourselves. But if you made it this far, congratulations, and good luck in the upcoming weeks!

The most unique thng about this tournament is it's not just the council who decides the winner, it's you, our loyal vidders! Anyone with a video that has earned a Council Pick seal may vote in this contest. We've decided the LVI fans have waited long enough for a public vote, and here it is! (don''t screw it up!)

30 of the videos here were hand picked by the council as potential best videos. The other 30 are entries by us and our past council members Jake, Charmax, and Laura. I should add that no prizes will be awarded to the winner, only eternal glory as the best video on a site of hundreds.

We hope to make this an annual event if we get enough participation. A lot of work was put into making this tournament, so make us proud, and vote!

-Hobbes of the LVI Council

Last Round:

The final round was decided, with an unnervingly close vote, and a tiebreaker for second place. The resul;ts were: J/K Trailer - 6 votes, Speed of Sound 5 votes, Nothing Compares to You - 5 votes, Surrender - 3 votes, and My Hero - 0 votes. From there, we held a tiebreaker for the position of second, and anothoer close vote apeared! In the end, Speed of Sound took the position of second due to a lead of 7 to 6 versus Nothing Compares to You. However, this was such a close match, it's almost unfair to leave any out, so all five videos that made it to the final round will be getting award banners for their success in making it this far.

Ending Speech:

Everyone here in the Council is very proud of the results, and the conduct of voting here at LVI during this past tournament. Even with a harsh voting process, pitting some completely different videos against each other, in the end a solid winner was still decided. We'd like to thank all of you who voted or had a video in the contest for all your hard work, and for making such a tricky event as this possible. Once again, you have all proven how great a site can be when everyone puts their minds to it. We hope to continue with events such as this in the future, and wish you all good luck, and good vidding!

By clicking on the numbers in the tournament image, you can jump down to the videos they represent. Likewise, by clicking on the arrow next to a video at the bottom, you can return to the image. Use this to view the standings. By clicking the "VOTE" button, you can continue on to the voting topic for that video (after a quick review of the rules, that is), or Click Here to continue to the voting forum.

The Entrants

(Marked according to what round they were eliminated in)

Back to Top! #1     First RoundHurley HillsHurley HillsWheezerHurley video-13.7
Back to Top! #2     Second RoundVertigoVertigoU2The truth is finally revealed: that polar bear IS everywhere!-8 MB
Back to Top! #3     Semi-FinalsCry Me A RiverCry Me A RiverJustin TimberlakeAn experimental Season 1 character study of Jack, focusing on his...-9.8M
Back to Top! #4     Second RoundHit The Road JackHit The Road JackRay CharlesWhen good Jate goes baaaaad...B-9.1
Back to Top! #5     First RoundNot goodbyeNot goodbyeBeth ChapmanA Jack/Kate AU video...MB-9.88
Back to Top! #6     Second RoundOceanic Airlines Pre-Flight BriefingOceanic Airlines Pre-Flight BriefingSteely DanThe pre-flight briefing for Oceanic Airlines. Keep your seatbelts...B-9.9
Back to Top! #7     First RoundParticle ManParticle ManThey Might Be GiantsCute little Homage to 4 of the men from Lost: Jack, AKA Particle ...MB-7.62
Back to Top! #8     First RoundBurnBurnThree Days GraceThis video is about the love, hate and rivalry between Sawyer, Ka...B-19.5
Back to Top! #9     First RoundShadow On The SunShadow On The SunAudioslaveThis is a character study of Sawyer. It looks at his guilt, his ...B-22.9
Back to Top! #10     Semi-FinalsPorcelainPorcelainMoby The passengers of the doomed Sydney to LA flight come to terms w...B-12.8
Back to Top! #11     First RoundA--holeA--holeDennis LearySawyer is a jerk by nature.-12MB
Back to Top! #12     First RoundJesus of LostJesus of LostGreen DayA mini-recap of the characters/events during season one.B-14.7
Back to Top! #13     Second RoundGoing Down SwingingGoing Down SwingingFall Out BoyKate needs to make a choice: Sawyer who will give her an adventur...MB-11.0
Back to Top! #14     Semi-FinalsSawyer's WorldSawyer's WorldTim WynnIt's Sawyer's world. Everyone else just lives in it.-15mb
Back to Top! #15     FifthLearn to FlyLearn to FlyFoo FightersChronicles all the struggles of the main characters ever since th...MB-14.3
Back to Top! #16     FourthMy HeroMy HeroFoo FightersThis one is about Jack!MB-15.5
Back to Top! #17     Second RoundSurrenderSurrenderDidoThis is an AU Jack/Kate vid. Jack and Kate break up after Jack te...MB-14.8
Back to Top! #18     First RoundSinister RougeSinister RougeBad ReligionA rather dark summary of the events leading up to the crash of Oc...-8.1M
Back to Top! #19     Second RoundNo TearsNo TearsScarfaceHomies get revenge for Scott's death. Music inspired by Office S...-6MB
Back to Top! #20     Second RoundSayid is Inspector GadgetSayid is Inspector GadgetTV ThemeAfter watching 'Solitary' my brother and I noticed that Sayid is ...-6.1M
Back to Top! #21     First RoundFearFearSarah McLachlanKate's JourneyB-9.43
Back to Top! #22     First RoundI Cant Catch YouI Cant Catch YouSixpence None the RicherShannon worries that she and Sayid will not last.MB-17.7
Back to Top! #23     Second RoundCherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]Cherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]Sense FieldAfter Sawyer gets back to the island, he watches Claire and wants...MB-10.5
Back to Top! #24     Semi-FinalsLost Season 2 TrailerLost Season 2 TrailerDieselboy and GlassballThis is a Lost Season 2 Trailer i hope you enjoy.-14MB
Back to Top! #25     SecondSpeed of SoundSpeed of SoundColdplayLocke does things not all of us agree with. But if you could see...-17MB
Back to Top! #26     Semi-FinalsYour Horoscope for TodayYour Horoscope for TodayWeird Al YankovicAn astrological forecast courtesy of Weird Al! What would a fando...-10MB
Back to Top! #27     Second RoundSkaterboySkaterboyAvril LavigneHobbes proves that a Charlie Claire video doesn't have to be slow...-10
Back to Top! #28     Second RoundUntitledUntitledSimple PlanCharlie and Claire have been through so much together. Here's my ...MB-9.56
Back to Top! #29     First RoundShe's A RebalShe's A RebalGreen DayKate centric vid showcasing how much of a rebal and a bad ass she...MB-9.32
Back to Top! #30     First RoundVindicatedVindicatedDashboard ConfessionalA Jack/Kate centric vid.-9:24
Back to Top! #31     First RoundLeaving on a jet planeLeaving on a jet planeChantal KreviazukThe characters lives before the island...MB-8.99
Back to Top! #32     First RoundEnter SandmanEnter SandmanMetallicaAction packed Ethan-centric profile.MB-9.45
Back to Top! #33     First RoundI Need Some SleepI Need Some SleepEelsJack video showing the varying emotions Jack has had to cope with...-8.8M
Back to Top! #34     First Round99 Problems99 ProblemsJay-Z"Bitches ain't nuthin' but hoes and tricks."-5.8M
Back to Top! #35     First RoundYou're BeautifulYou're BeautifulJames BluntMy first vid ever. Sawyer likes Kate, but he knows he'll never be...B-9.31
Back to Top! #36     Semi-FinalsLet GoLet GoFrou FrouJack and Kate letting go of their past to get to the future.MB-10.9
Back to Top! #37     First RoundAerialsAerialsSystem of a DownVery well made video with perfect music.-6.8M
Back to Top! #38     First RoundCELLSCELLSThe ServantAction packed hole in
Back to Top! #39     First RoundEasier to RunEasier to RunLinkin ParkA Kate video about her dark past and how she wants to change it..B-9.49
Back to Top! #40     First RoundKarma SlaveKarma SlaveSplashdownLost ensemble including eps 101-108.-16MB
Back to Top! #41     First RoundPerfect - Jack's Past (Remix)Perfect - Jack's Past (Remix)Simple PlanJack's life has always revolved around his father. Even with his...MB-11.2
Back to Top! #42     Second RoundLooking Through Your EyesLooking Through Your EyesThe CorrsA look from Kate and Jack's perspective of what the future holds ...-11 M
Back to Top! #43     Semi-FinalsHaunted - Kate's JourneyHaunted - Kate's JourneyEvanescenceKate's journey from the bank robbery to her time on the island. A...B-9.16
Back to Top! #44     ThirdNothing compares 2 uNothing compares 2 uSinead O'ConnorSkate vid totally dedicated to the raving Sawyerette Miss Aislynn...-9 MB
Back to Top! #45     FirstBrand New DayBrand New DayForty Foot EchoA Sequel to my Sidewalks vid.-13 M
Back to Top! #46     First RoundJack/Kate movie trailerJack/Kate movie trailerMichelle BranchWell...just like the title says. Its a Jack/Kate movie trailer.B-7.5
Back to Top! #47     Semi-FinalsTarzan and JaneTarzan and JaneAquaSometimes Sawyer and Kate seem a bit like Tarzan and Jane. A Skat...B-9.39
Back to Top! #48     First RoundWinter OvertureWinter OvertureClint MansellNOTE: I started making this before I found out LAURA4LAD had made...B-12.8
Back to Top! #49     First RoundWhere Sawyer Knows Your Name..Where Sawyer Knows Your Name..CheersSawyer has a great knack at picking nicknames for people. Hurley ...B-14.3
Back to Top! #50     Semi-FinalsBALD RecruitmentBALD RecruitmentThe Island OSTSeptember 2005 contest 1st place winner!B-10.3
Back to Top! #51     Second RoundClint EastwoodClint EastwoodGorillazA character study of everyone's favorite creepy guy, Locke.-10.8
Back to Top! #52     First RoundHallelujahHallelujahRufus WainwrightInspired by "The Moth", detailing Charlie's rise, fall, and redem...B-14.6
Back to Top! #53     Second RoundLockumLockumEmiliana TorriniA little ditty about Locke and Gollum, and how eerily similiar th...-12 M
Back to Top! #54     Semi-FinalsReturn to InnocenceReturn to InnocenceEnigmaAn uplifting mix of music and all the characters. Beautiful trans...B-12.7
Back to Top! #55     First RoundVengeance is ThineVengeance is ThineIce-TVengeance for Boone-7 MB
Back to Top! #56     Second RoundPre-FlightPre-FlightDeath Cab For CutieThis is my first lost vid. Its all about the castaways before th...-9.94
Back to Top! #57     First RoundSpectacular Spectacular!Spectacular Spectacular!Moulin RougeA musical pitch for the show. What network could say no to this?B-12.2
Back to Top! #58     First RoundScarsScarsPapa RoachThis vid is about Jack & how he cares a bit too much.MB-9.16
Back to Top! #59     Second RoundRunning AwayRunning AwayHoobastankA Jack/Kate vid, from Jack's POV about how Kate was "Born to Run"...MB-8.07
Back to Top! #60     First RoundWord UpWord UpKornA montage of characters and recent events. I love this song. Lost...-9.4M