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Libby Smith

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  • I Love You

    by Wickedgal 07-09-2011
    Hurley & Libby's short lived romance is still a favourite of mine, so here is a small tribute to them.
    I Love You
  • Jack and Libby-She Will be Loved

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 07-20-2010
    An AU video focusing on what it would have been like if Jack and Libby were a couple.
    Jack and Libby-She Will be Loved
  • The Virgin Suicides

    by Violet_Deville 05-20-2009
    May 2009 contest submission The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. It is a story of some neighborhood boys who watch the lives of the Lisbon girls fall apart. Alex, Shannon, Nikki, Ana Lucia and Libby play the five sisters, Carmen and Mr. Eko play the
    The Virgin Suicides
  • Ana&Libby Tribute

    by Wickedgal 12-06-2008
    Just a sweet lil tribute to my two fave tailies :P hope you enjoy! Basically is from Libbys p.o.v as she tries to cheer Ana up.
    Ana&Libby Tribute
  • I Won't Say I'm In Love

    by KajaM 08-26-2008
    August 2008 contest 2nd place winner! Ana Lucia won't say she's in love with Desmond. Can Libby convince her that he's the right guy for her? Thanks to Cylune for the great vid pic.
    I Won't Say I'm In Love
  • Hurley & Libby - Anyone Else But You

    by MCnineteen91 01-26-2008
    A short, sweet Hurley/Libby vid to the song, Anyone Else But You, which is from the movie Juno.
    Hurley & Libby - Anyone Else But You
  • The Numbers - Number 23/Lost Trailer

    by Polarbear 10-18-2007
    Walter (Jim Carrey) can't stop reading this new book his wife found in a bookshop. He becomes obsessed with the numbers and starts questioning his own reality.
    The Numbers - Number 23/Lost Trailer
  • Don't Panic

    by KajaM 08-10-2007
    July 2007 contest 3rd place winner! In spite of all he's been through, Hurley always tries to cheer up the other Losties, tries to show them the good sides of life.
    Don't Panic
  • Obsessions

    by Polarbear 01-11-2007
    After Libby's death, Dave leads Hurley on a wave of destruction across the island.
  • Goodbye

    by LostFreakJ 11-20-2006
    Season 3 spoilers! - A vid about the Tailies.
  • What Hurts The Most

    by charmed_charlee 08-18-2006
    After Libby's Death Hurley is trying to get over it but he can't
    What Hurts The Most
  • Destiny VS Choice

    by spalonieve 08-11-2006
    July 2006 contest submission - Is there a connection between flashbacks? Follow the path from Libby through various characters and back to Libby again. You decide.
    Destiny VS Choice
  • Hold On

    by nomad 07-25-2006
    This video is about Hurley and his struggles before and after Libbys death. Once she is gone, will he continue to get better or follow Dave again?
    Hold On
  • Libby

    by ChicaFrom3 06-23-2006
    Everybody loved Libby. I estimate about half serious memorial vid and half sheer crack.
  • Once Upon A December

    by Jesi0546 06-08-2006
    Claire finally remembers what happened when Ethan took her as well as other events bfore she was taken....
    Once Upon A December
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