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Liam Pace

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  • Brother

    by Uruviel 02-16-2013
    A vid about Charlie & Liam.
  • Charlie Pace || Emotion Sickness

    by RedeemingTheUneven 12-09-2010
    A character study on Charlie
    Charlie Pace || Emotion Sickness
  • Failure

    by Jemmz 07-19-2010
    A Character study of Charlie, focusing on how he feels he's become a failure. Requested by Emma (emmasholi) :)
  • Missing Pieces

    by Jemmz 05-27-2010
    May 2010 contest 2nd place winner! A video of all the missing pieces of Charlie's life before the crash. Based on a few theories that I will elaborate on in the comments :)
    Missing Pieces
  • Return

    by Jemmz 07-31-2008
    It's years since Charlie's death and Liam, still devestated by the news, writes and performs him a song.
  • Liam-Goodbye Baby Brother

    by Wickedgal 07-04-2008
    We've seen how hurley, claire and the other castaways have reacted to charlie's death but we've yet to see liam's reaction. ive seen very few videos to this theme so enjoy.
    Liam-Goodbye Baby Brother
  • Broken Promise [Charlie/Liam]

    by Jemmz 08-06-2007
    [S1/2] Liam broke his promise and Charlie isn't happy about it.
    Broken Promise [Charlie/Liam]
  • The Way We Get By

    by fellowshipper 07-05-2007
    A look at Charlie and Liam Pace and their struggle with drug addiction. In response to a friend-issued challenge to create a video in one day.
    The Way We Get By
  • Drive Shaft: Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

    by IamSoLostRightNow 06-18-2007
    A theatrical trailer for Drive Shaft the movie.
    Drive Shaft: Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll
  • Unfaithful Claire

    by Charlie13 09-02-2006
    My first attempt at an AU vid featuring Claire, Liam, and Charlie. Claire who is married to Liam is also in love with Charlie.
    Unfaithful Claire
  • Brotherly Love

    by The Phantom 08-22-2006
    A AU Trailer for LOST in which both Liam and Charlie fall for Claire.
    Brotherly Love
  • Let Down

    by cylune 08-11-2006
    July 2006 contest 2nd place winner!
    Let Down
  • Whatever Happened to Liam Pace

    by LadySnow 04-17-2006
    After the crash of flight 815 Liam thinks about the death of his baby brother. Slightly AU.
    Whatever Happened to Liam Pace
  • In Your World

    by PsychoCynic 02-12-2006
    Charlies views on his relationships with Claire Liam drugs and isolation.
    In Your World
  • My Mistake

    by Mims_and_Jay 10-26-2005
    AU Kate/Liam vid! Kate is a plain clothes policewoman who falls for Liam a young rocker. Passion follows but when Kate is kidnapped what will Liam do? And what was Kate's mistake?
    My Mistake
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