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Tom Brennan

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  • Lost - Kate - Unfaithful

    by ol3j3j3 12-30-2010
    This does not handle too much of the plot. I made this video about Kate because I was bored and I wanted to do some kind of video, which will hopefully gather some viewers. Season 1 only.
    Lost - Kate - Unfaithful
  • One Night Only

    by nightdancer342 11-18-2009
    November 2009 Contest Submission. I used the song from Dreamgirls to depict Kate's chaotic life on the run as Kate's life changed in just one night. It's not meant to be a lyrical interpretation with the video. The song is depicting her thoughts.
    One Night Only
  • Begin You (Jate AU)

    by Athena Alexandria 10-09-2009
    After Jack changes history, erasing Kate's crimes and giving her the chance to start over she is haunted by the life she should have had with him and Aaron.
    Begin You (Jate AU)
  • All That's Left

    by FrecklesPhoenix 07-20-2009
    Kate character study - pre-crash. You always want to run Katie... -Tom
    All That's Left
  • Kate & Tom

    by Wildcat 03-03-2009
    Intro is 40 seconds long before video starts. Kate remembers Tom after getting a hold of the toy air plane.
    Kate & Tom
  • Kate - I'm not like all the other girls

    by redhotgeriatriclove 07-20-2008
    july 2008 contest submission
    Kate - I'm not like all the other girls
  • Why Won't You Die?

    by TurnipHead 08-22-2007
    Sawyer tries to kill Tom, again.. and again... and again.
    Why Won't You Die?
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