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Sun Kwon

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  • Street Map

    by starryeyesxx 12-04-2011
    A video about how Sun and Jin never stopped trying to get back to each other and never gave up hope.
    Street Map
  • That's Where It Is

    by starryeyesxx 08-22-2011
    Just a video about Sun & Jin's relationship.
    That's Where It Is
  • All This Time {Sun/Jin}

    by OpenMouthWideEye 12-30-2010
    Sun and Jin were apart for so long and for so many reasons, but they always found a way back to each other.
    All This Time {Sun/Jin}
  • Best I Ever Had.

    by clairebennettforever 10-28-2010
    Another Sun/Jin Video.
    Best I Ever Had.
  • Only One

    by clairebennettforever 10-28-2010
    A Sun/Jin Video.
    Only One
  • Sun & Jin

    by Galkafishe 06-19-2010
    Season 5-6 Recap,Trailer
    Sun & Jin
  • Thank you

    by Aquilegia 04-25-2010
    This is my thank you video... We all are going to miss this tv show... whole description on YT.
    Thank you
  • Where is your heart

    by Jinlovessunxx 02-12-2010
    A Jun video, requested and dedicated to Rosie (cagedfreedom)!
    Where is your heart
  • The Ice Is Getting Thinner

    by starryeyesxx 01-31-2010
    Sun is married to Jin, but was having an affair with Sawyer that ended before they all came to the island. Then they all crash on the island and Sun and Sawyer have to deal with their past.
    The Ice Is Getting Thinner
  • Ben Wins

    by xSoppySofax 09-28-2009
    just another silly sophie spoof Ben watches the past two years of the emmys where Michael was nominate Watching it makes him angry he did not win and always Ben has a plan Hes gonna make sure Michael wins in 2009
    Ben Wins
  • Honor To Us All

    by Uruviel 09-23-2009
    The Lost girls help Sun get ready to meet her matchmaker.
    Honor To Us All
  • Sun//Dan- Name of the Game

    by Wickedgal 07-10-2009
    Ok this took me ages to make and I'm still not happy with the ending, lol. Sun's marriage hits the rocks and she talks to Dan, eventually falling for him. In her mind she sees their entire future but is her love requited?
    Sun//Dan- Name of the Game
  • jun // karma

    by SawyerLittleton 06-21-2009
    my second video. it's kinda short but i really wanted to make a sun/jin video to his song. i finished this within a day, maybe you can tell by watching. it's first time i actually tried something with colours. well i know it's not much but it's something.
    jun // karma
  • Skeleton Key

    by Skeleton Key 06-06-2009
    Sun gets support from Charlie after being in a terrible relationship with Jin
    Skeleton Key
  • Breathing Space//Jun

    by loudpaw 06-03-2009
    I know this song is used a lot, but I haven't seen one for Jin/Sun yet
    Breathing Space//Jun
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