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  • Jealousy

    by xSoppySofax 08-25-2011
    When jack relationship with sarah breaks down, he starts to become jealous and almost stalking to find out who she is seeing, when he settles down with kate he still has trust issues and is a mess.
  • Open Your Eyes

    by Captain Freya 07-21-2009
    [July 2009 contest submission] Jack and Kate return to the lives they once knew, with Jack reconnecting with someone from his past, and Kate meeting a troubled young man while on the run. Were they ever destined to cross paths?
    Open Your Eyes
  • Safe & Sound - Juliet & Sarah

    by littleton_pace 06-13-2009
    Sarah is horribly injured in a car accident leaving a heartbroken Juliet with an impossible decision.
    Safe & Sound - Juliet & Sarah
  • Something To Fix: A Jack Vid

    by nikkimonique 07-05-2008
    Character study about Jack and his love for Sarah and Kate. Made for Yael. Awesome vid pic by Kat.
    Something To Fix: A Jack Vid
  • Cold Shoulder

    by emmasholi 05-22-2008
    A video about Jack giving Juliet the cold shoulder when he looks at her and wishes she was Sarah.
    Cold Shoulder
  • Jack Shephard What Goes Around

    by nightdancer342 03-12-2008
    Jack's life with Sarah.
    Jack Shephard What Goes Around
  • Misery Business

    by Jen 02-03-2008
    Sarah's with Jack. Juliet hates Sarah for having Jack. Sarah and Jack break up. Juliet's with Jack. Sarah wants her best friend back. Juliet wants nothing to do with her. That's the story in a nutshell.
    Misery Business
  • This Years Love

    by Meli24 11-29-2007
    A vid about Jack and Juliet and their past relationships.
    This Years Love
  • Bury Me

    by KajaM 01-29-2007
    A look at the other side of Jack Shepard's life. This is about disappointments, betrayal, hate and anger.
    Bury Me
  • How To Save A Life

    by Leylin 01-11-2007
    Jack can save everyone else's life except his. his relationship with his dad, sarah, and kate.
    How To Save A Life
  • Where Are They Now

    by Uruviel 11-28-2006
    A vid about Jack and his relationships.
    Where Are They Now
  • Freshmen: Jack/Sawyer Character Study

    by SuperKC 11-05-2006
    Chronicles Jack and Sawyer's relationships with Sarah and Cassie and the guilt they must deal with for letting them down. Some AU moments.
    Freshmen: Jack/Sawyer Character Study
  • Ghost of you

    by Puddin 11-01-2006
    this is a short video that i have done. it's about Jack and his past with Sarah and that he schould had been better of if she had been dead. and i have to give my sister some cred fpr the MCR pic and i am sorry for the swedish subs.
    Ghost of you
  • Goodbye to you....

    by PrincessSparkle 10-27-2006
    Sarahs view on her and Jacks splitting up...
    Goodbye to you....
  • Wise Up

    by IntoTheVoid 10-24-2006
    A Jack-Flashback video. Jack has to get over his past. He will never be able to have redemption if he keeps thinking about it and in some cases, repeating it.
    Wise Up
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