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Bio: My name is Leylin. I love making videos!! and ive been sooo into LOST since the begining!!! i dont know what else to say. lol.

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  • Love and Memories

    by leylin 06-20-2008
    Lost: ok, this one i was just playing around with. i realise that there are some repeated clips, but i think it makes it more to the point of jacks view remembering how jack and kate used to be. when people remember things, they tend to play them over and over
    Love and Memories
  • I'm Still Here

    by leylin 11-16-2007
    Lost: Jack. my first vid since ive been back from the hospital!
    I'm Still Here
  • You Give Love a Bad Name

    by leylin 07-04-2007
    Lost: June 2007 contest submission
    You Give Love a Bad Name
  • No Day But Today

    by leylin 04-15-2007
    Lost: ensemble to a song from RENT
    No Day But Today
  • How To Save A Life

    by Leylin 01-11-2007
    Lost: Jack can save everyone else's life except his. his relationship with his dad, sarah, and kate.
    How To Save A Life
  • If You Believe

    by Leylin 12-12-2006
    Lost: Kate and jate vid. bout believing i guess.. lol, hope u like it!
    If You Believe
  • In Too Deep

    by Leylin 12-05-2006
    Lost: a jate i started a whiloe ago and finally finnished.
    In Too Deep
  • Clif theft Guide

    by Leylin 12-02-2006
    Lost: a guide to clip theft, what it is, how to spot it, etc. LVI Training Video
    Clif theft Guide
  • Hero

    by Leylin 11-21-2006
    Lost: A remake of my very first vid. nov. 2006
  • Hero

    by Leylin 11-21-2006
    Lost: My very first vid! jate
  • Tell Me Baby

    by Leylin 10-18-2006
    Lost: my newest, and personal opinion, best so far, LOST jate vid. im super proud of this one!
    Tell Me Baby
  • I Love You

    by Leylin 07-07-2006
    Lost: ok so this vid came to me in a i must say freeky dream mixed with barney and LOST. well any dream with barney im sure is freeky however. i hope you like it and dont think im to weird!
    I Love You
  • G-d Help The Outcasts

    by Leylin 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest submission
    G-d Help The Outcasts
  • I Survived You

    by Leylin 06-14-2006
    Lost: another Jate vid but this time jack does not like kate. so excited! I think one of my bests so far!!!
    I Survived You
  • Hanging by a Moment

    by Leylin 06-04-2006
    Lost: jate...
    Hanging by a Moment
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