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  • Charlies_Innocence posted on 30.04. at 18:38
    3737 wrote:
    i saw a pink dharma sign in a corner of a video! it had no purpose and it didn't go away!

    That would be a watermark. People put them in their videos so if people steal their clips they'll know about it.
  • CharlieissoHAWT posted on 30.04. at 17:52
    i saw a pink dharma sign in a corner of a video! it had no purpose and it didn't go away!
  • leylin posted on 27.08. at 07:35
    lol, wow! some people out there! honestly!! talk about ,, oh crap, lmao, whats it called when like you steal someones writting (your mostly reminded not to do it in like assignments at school).. lol, well, you know what i mean.
    Its a good thing you rad other peoples stuff then!
    and, i guess the greatest form of complement is said to be copying....
    (though noth the best, u know what i mean), gosh! i cant talk!
  • SassyLostie2 posted on 26.08. at 20:06
    Well, you can always copy/paste and post it as your own, but mostly they stole many many MANY ideas from a particular fic and put it in their own, which was almost the same. Used the same names that I used for OC's (in this case, islander's kids) and this is two separate times, but copying the same fic. In fact, the other person who did it, even added some of my own dialogue from a completely separate fic, so it was like a double theft. hehe I PMed them nicely, but slightly pissed and pointed out all of the similarities and when they profusely apologized and explained that they had a hard time reading and writing fics at the same time, I became convinced that it was an accident. Another time tho, someone blatantly copied a fic of mine and even reviewers noticed it, and the fic was in their faves list, and she had actually reviewed in the fic that she was copying! Talk about not being subtle. When I confronted her about it, she got mad at me and refused to speak to me any further, so I know she was just annoyed cuz I caught her. Anyway, that's how you steal fanfic. lol!
  • leylin posted on 26.08. at 18:19
    lol, thanks!! how in the world do u steal a fanfict?! thats aweful!
  • SassyLostie2 posted on 26.08. at 15:18
    Haha, I love it. I don't know if anyone has ever stolen from me, but I've had fanfiction stolen (seriously, like 5 times!!) and it sucks having your hard work and ideas stolen. Very nice vid. I think a lot of people don't realize that clip-theft is frowned upon, so great vid!
  • leylin posted on 06.12. at 17:05
    yay!! thank you so much council for the silver CP!!!!!!!!!
  • leylin posted on 05.12. at 15:31
    aww! thanks so much aislynn, !!
    (which, uh, isn't my usual reaction to spotting clip theft, of course...

    haha!! lol, thanks so much for the clips again!!
  • Aislynn posted on 05.12. at 15:29
    Very nice! I went *squee!* every time that watermark popped up (which, uh, isn't my usual reaction to spotting clip theft, of course... ). It was so cool to see my work "featured" like that! Yay!

    That was really awesome of you to come up with this to help show people what clip theft is! You rock, hon!
  • leylin posted on 03.12. at 11:58
    thanks kc!
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