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Goo Goo Dolls

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  • Iris - Belle & Beast

    by Uruviel 05-28-2012
    Beauty and the Beast: May 2012 contest submission The Beast wants Belle to know who he really is.
    Iris - Belle & Beast
  • Let Love In

    by eloramoon 01-04-2012
    Multifandom: Secret Santa vid for Heather. Featuring: Lost, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Lord of the Rings. pw: secretsanta
    Let Love In
  • Iris

    by starryeyesxx 11-17-2011
    Misfits : A Simon/Alisha video following the lyrics of the song. The theme changes a lot, it's got when Simon was invisible to Alisha, to the journey of Future Simon & Alisha, her falling for present Simon
  • It's Lonely Where You Are

    by soapbubbles511 10-16-2011
    Glee: When you're different, when you're special, sometimes you have to get used to being alone.
    It's Lonely Where You Are
  • Sympathy

    by Uruviel 10-07-2011
    Lost: A Suliet & Hubby video.
  • Want You To Know Who I Am || Shawn&Juliet

    by tjmack1986 09-13-2011
    Psych: Shawn wants Juliet to know the truth, but knows that everyone else won't understand his reasoning.
    Want You To Know Who I Am || Shawn&Juliet
  • Iris

    by Uruviel 06-16-2011
    Twilight: Edward wants Bella to know who he really is.
  • Stay With You

    by Katie7710 07-28-2010
    Lost: Just an old-fashioned skate video that I made a while ago
    Stay With You
  • Big Machine

    by Uruviel 07-20-2010
    Lost: July 2010 contest 2nd place winner! Desmond falls in love with Shannon on the island.
    Big Machine
  • Suliet Iris

    by lostaddict3333 03-09-2010
    Lost: suliet vid
    Suliet Iris
  • When You're Gone

    by applecake 01-05-2010
    Lost: After the Oceanic 6 escaped the island, others were left behind.
    When You're Gone
  • Kate and Aaron-Acoustic # 3

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 06-29-2009
    Lost: As Kate trys to raise Aaron as her own the world gets in her way.If you have any trouble understanding the dialogue let me know and I'll provide a transcirpt of the dialogue.
    Kate and Aaron-Acoustic # 3
  • Skate - Black Balloon

    by chloooeee 04-13-2009
    Lost: A general Sawyer/Kate video. It isn't very long because I don't have very good patience. Short but sweet ;). This is my second ever video with Sony Vegas.
    Skate - Black Balloon
  • Kate & Tom

    by Wildcat 03-03-2009
    Lost: Intro is 40 seconds long before video starts. Kate remembers Tom after getting a hold of the toy air plane.
    Kate & Tom
  • Give A Little Bit

    by Uruviel 02-20-2009
    Lost: February 2009 contest submission Love on Lost Island.
    Give A Little Bit
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