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Winner of a Special Category in the 2005 Best Video Awards.

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2005 Special Award

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  • Lost Rhapsody

    by CapnBob 10-18-2005
    Lost: A musical review of season 1
    Lost Rhapsody
  • Speed of Sound

    by Hobbes 10-14-2005
    Lost: Locke does things not all of us agree with. But if you could see things from his point of view then you might just understand him.
    Speed of Sound
  • Wanted Dead Or Alive

    by Aislynn 10-03-2005
    Lost: A Sawyer/Kate/Sayid AU Western
    Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • Butterfly

    by Polarbear 09-06-2005
    Lost: Sayid has a crush on Shannon and does everything he can to make her go out with him.
  • A and B

    by Di 09-03-2005
    Lost: Sawyer and Jack. They are not that different from each other.
    A and B
  • Nothing compares 2 u

    by Lostzilla 09-02-2005
    Lost: Skate vid totally dedicated to the raving Sawyerette Miss Aislynn.
    Nothing compares 2 u
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes

    by ebizmybef74 07-15-2005
    Lost: A song that describes how Claire feels about Thomas.
    Behind These Hazel Eyes
  • Feel so bad

    by Ally 07-15-2005
    Lost: A vid about Sun and Jin, and how both see their story
    Feel so bad
  • Winter Overture

    by MovieGuy 07-05-2005
    Lost: NOTE: I started making this before I found out LAURA4LAD had made one too.
    Winter Overture
  • You're Beautiful

    by KajaM 06-28-2005
    Lost: My first vid ever. Sawyer likes Kate, but he knows he'll never be with her. Hope you'll like it
    You're Beautiful
  • Untitled

    by Hollywood 05-28-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have been through so much together. Here's my Tribute to this wonderful ship.
  • Cry Me A River

    by Aislynn 05-21-2005
    Lost: An experimental Season 1 character study of Jack, focusing on his darker feelings for Kate. More succinctly, an Angsty Jack vid.
    Cry Me A River
  • Sidewalks

    by Lostzilla 04-16-2005
    Lost: A look at Jack and Kate, their complicated relationships, memories and regrets.
  • Return to Innocence

    by Rocksiren 02-08-2005
    Lost: An uplifting mix of music and all the characters. Beautiful transitions!
    Return to Innocence
  • Dare You To Move

    by mattconner 01-19-2005
    Lost: Jack/crash aftermath.
    Dare You To Move
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