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Second Round: Top 30 of 2005!

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LVI 2005 Tournament Contestant

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  • Pre-Flight

    by Stealth 09-26-2005
    Lost: This is my first lost vid. Its all about the castaways before the accident. As such. all the footage is pre crash. pre island. Watch it in widescreen! Enjoy.
  • Going Down Swinging

    by crazymol4588 09-14-2005
    Lost: Kate needs to make a choice: Sawyer who will give her an adventure or Jack who will give her the love she wants.
    Going Down Swinging
  • Hit The Road Jack

    by Aislynn 09-05-2005
    Lost: When good Jate goes baaaaad...
    Hit The Road Jack
  • Running Away

    by Uruviel 07-10-2005
    Lost: A Jack/Kate vid, from Jack's POV about how Kate was "Born to Run".
    Running Away
  • Perfect - Jack's Past (Remix)

    by Lostcalier 07-02-2005
    Lost: Jack's life has always revolved around his father. Even with his dad dead he can't shake the past that he thought he left behind.
    Perfect - Jack's Past (Remix)
  • She's A Rebal

    by Hollywood 06-17-2005
    Lost: Kate centric vid showcasing how much of a rebal and a bad ass she is.
    She's A Rebal
  • Fear

    by fallen_angel 06-11-2005
    Lost: Kate's Journey
  • Oceanic Airlines Pre-Flight Briefing

    by AnnieBW 06-09-2005
    Lost: The pre-flight briefing for Oceanic Airlines. Keep your seatbelts fastened in case of turbulence! Concept and announcer voice by John White.
    Oceanic Airlines Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Vindicated

    by Hollywood 06-05-2005
    Lost: A Jack/Kate centric vid.
  • Clint Eastwood

    by Ringwench 05-18-2005
    Lost: A character study of everyone's favorite creepy guy, Locke.
    Clint Eastwood
  • Vertigo

    by Aislynn 03-12-2005
    Lost: The truth is finally revealed: that polar bear IS everywhere!
  • No Tears

    by Enchirito 02-10-2005
    Lost: Homies get revenge for Scott's death. Music inspired by Office Space. Charlie is such aG.
    No Tears
  • Return to Innocence

    by Rocksiren 02-08-2005
    Lost: An uplifting mix of music and all the characters. Beautiful transitions!
    Return to Innocence
  • Sinister Rouge

    by Enchirito 02-02-2005
    Lost: A rather dark summary of the events leading up to the crash of Oceanic flight 815.
    Sinister Rouge
  • Skaterboy

    by Hobbes 02-01-2005
    Lost: Hobbes proves that a Charlie Claire video doesn't have to be slow OR boring!
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