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Best AU of 2007 ~ Runner-Up

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  • Uninvited

    by Borislava 08-18-2007
    Lost: AU.On Anas funeral Kate sees an angel only she can sees.Slowly they fall in love and he give up on his eternity to spend their life together.But then something unexpected happen!
  • Post Blue

    by starryeyesxx 08-14-2007
    Lost: When Jack fails to save Claire from drowning, his guilt haunts him and he begins to go insane.
    Post Blue
  • Misery Business

    by pumpkin_heart 07-13-2007
    Lost: Jack plays Juliet and Kate against each other. Things get a little out of hand, but then they realise what he's been doing, and get revenge in their own crazy way...
    Misery Business
1-3 of 3 Videos 1