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Thanks for all the participation in this year's Open Poll! Voting is over for 2007, but we'll be back November 2008! In the meantime, have a good year, and be sure to check out all our other contests and videos coming up!

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Best Jate (Jack/Kate)
Best Skate (Sawyer/Kate)
Best PB&J (Charlie/Claire)
Best Jacket (Jack/Juliet)
Best Minor Ship
Best Crackship (Unconventional Ship)


Best Action
Best Angst
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Romance
Best Crossover


Best Trailer
Best Ensemble
Best AU (Alternate Universe)
Best Character Study ~ "Science"
Best Character Study ~ "Faith"
Charlie Tributes

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The LVI Open Vote:

Every year we set up a number of polls, for the entire public to take part in, that decide on the best vids of the year in a number of categories. All the vids nominated here were chosen by the LVI Council after reviewing the entire YEAR's worth of videos. These are the best LVI has to offer.

When you cast your vote - and we hope that you do - please make sure to watch ALL the vids in that category before voting (even if you have seen them a while ago) to make sure that we pick the best vid this site has to offer for each category!