LVI Anniversary!


Enjoy LVI's anniversary with some classic events aimed at celebrating what this year has to offer!

LVI Tournament 2007

A massive 6-week tournament aimed at deciding on the top video of 2007. This year - open to all LVI members!

LVI 2007 Open Vote

Come in and vote on which vid you think deserves the title of "Best Jate", "Best AU", and many more! Voting open for all LVI Members!


Looking Over the Year

Everything Changes. In this past year, we've seen that statement at work. Lost changed its established format with a flash-forward instead of a flashback. We said hello to new characters and said sad goodbyes to old friends, while other characters took shocking twists. Nothing stays the same, everything changes.

In that same spirit, LVI 4.0 changed into a brand new incarnation 5.0, taking on a new look and adding new levels of interaction and involvement with things such as member voting. So too have some members of LVI come and gone - with every year bringing a new array of faces to the mix. And just like Lost, change can sometimes be decieving - some character everyone thought was gone could come back and surprise you. But while some things have changed, one thing has not: our commitment to our vidding community.

From the very beginning, LVI was meant to be a place where vidders could come together and share more than just the vids they've made; it's where the new and the experienced vidders alike can help each other, whether with technical issues or artistic questions, where we can all share in our love of the art of vidding in a friendly, welcoming place. And that is one thing that will never change!

LVI only exists because of the dedication of the Council, of loyal members (both those who have been with us since the early days and those who have just joined us recently) and of vidders like yourself who keep coming back and sharing your artistry with us. Thank you to all of you for making this one of the best years LVI has seen yet!

It's amazing how far a site like this has come in such a short time. We've become the biggest, most organized, and (arguably) friendliest Lost vidding community out there, and we're even starting to become a blip in the fandom-wide vidding community scale. We hope to keep moving up the ladder, and make LVI the best it can possibly be.

We've seen some amazing, completely revolutionary vids in this past year. But I can hardly wait to see what this next year of LVI will bring!

LVI, Revolutionizing Fan Video Making.

-Aislynn & Hobbes of the LVI Council