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Third Round (Semifinalists): Top 10 of 2007!

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LVI 2007 Tournament Contestant

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  • Lonely - Kaire

    by littleton_pace 09-06-2007
    Lost: Kate and Claire were together on the island but broke up. After being rescued, Kate married Kevin but can't get Claire out of her mind. When Kate hears Claires mother is ill she goes to see her to find out if Claire still thinks about what they had.
    Lonely - Kaire
  • Walk Like an Egyptian

    by wolffootball37 06-15-2007
    Lost: May 2007 contest 1st place winner! A crazy, kind of cheesy vid about Mikhail
    Walk Like an Egyptian
  • Breakdown

    by Belxf 04-08-2007
    Lost: AU. Kate is in love with Claire, who is with Charlie
  • What goes around

    by azzurra13 04-08-2007
    Lost: Sawyer cannot deal with Kate being married to another man so he keeps stalking her But she is the one who finally turns to him searching for help in getting rid of her unfaithul husband
    What goes around
  • Easier to Run

    by Polarbear 01-29-2007
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate can not forget their past, they have to accept it together.
    Easier to Run
1-5 of 5 Videos 1