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Third Round (Semifinalists): Top 15 of 2005!

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LVI 2005 Tournament Contestant

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  • Where Sawyer Knows Your Name..

    by Polarbear 10-04-2005
    Lost: Sawyer has a great knack at picking nicknames for people. Hurley joins in the fun.
    Where Sawyer Knows Your Name..
  • Learn to Fly

    by Di 09-03-2005
    Lost: Chronicles all the struggles of the main characters ever since they boarded the plane.
    Learn to Fly
  • Winter Overture

    by MovieGuy 07-05-2005
    Lost: NOTE: I started making this before I found out LAURA4LAD had made one too.
    Winter Overture
  • Your Horoscope for Today

    by Hobbes 06-19-2005
    Lost: An astrological forecast courtesy of Weird Al! What would a fandom be without it? WARNING: This film may be misleading to some viewers. Viewer's discretion is advised.
    Your Horoscope for Today
  • Untitled

    by Hollywood 05-28-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have been through so much together. Here's my Tribute to this wonderful ship.
  • Cry Me A River

    by Aislynn 05-21-2005
    Lost: An experimental Season 1 character study of Jack, focusing on his darker feelings for Kate. More succinctly, an Angsty Jack vid.
    Cry Me A River
  • Brand New Day

    by Lostzilla 05-20-2005
    Lost: A Sequel to my Sidewalks vid.
    Brand New Day
  • Vengeance is Thine

    by Rocksiren 05-19-2005
    Lost: Vengeance for Boone
    Vengeance is Thine
  • Shadow On The Sun

    by Charmax 03-12-2005
    Lost: This is a character study of Sawyer. It looks at his guilt, his self-loathing, and his inability to shake the demons of his past.
    Shadow On The Sun

    by LAURA4LAD 02-26-2005
    Lost: Action packed hole in one.
1-10 of 10 Videos 1