LVI Anniversary 2008


Enjoy LVI's anniversary with some classic events aimed at celebrating what this year has to offer!

LVI Tournament 2008

A massive 6-week tournament aimed at deciding the top video of 2008.

LVI 2008 Member's Choice

Come in and vote on which vid you think deserves the title of "Best Jate", "Best AU", and many more!


Looking Over the Year

So often you hear about quantity OR quality but during this last year at LVI, we've seen a raise in both quantity AND quality when it comes to Lost videos. Not only did we reach 4,000 vids in this year but we reached 5,000! And these weren't just any vids; this year saw vidders raising the standards on both technique and storytelling!

Through it all, even as LVI has continued to grow, one thing remains the same: our friendly atmosphere, where first-time vidders are welcome to ask questions, where more experienced vidders share tips and tricks, and where we all can come together to hang out and share camaraderie.

It's thanks to the Council Members who keep the site going day after day, to the members like you who keep the forums active and to all of the vidders who continue to thrill and amaze with their talent that LVI has reached another anniversary. Here's looking forward to what the next year -- and beyond -- will bring!

LVI, Revolutionizing Fan Video Making.

-Aislynn of the LVI Council