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Welcome to the 2008 Member's Choice, where the members of LVI decide which videos should hold some of the most covetted titles of the year. Who will win Best Jate? Best Drama? Best Romance? Well, that's for you to decide!

The vids you see here were chosen by the LVI Council after countless hours of reviewing every video sent in to LVI throughout the year. What you see here is the best LVI's panel of judges can find. But from here on out the power is in your hands! (And on that note: could you please watch ALL the vids in a category before voting, even if you've seen them before? And choose the vid you think best deserves each title. Good luck!)

Click on each category to be taken to its voting station, and let's get this voting party started!

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Best Jate (Jack/Kate)
Best Skate (Sawyer/Kate)
Best Jacket (Jack/Juliet)
Best PB&J (Charlie/Claire)
Best DesPenny (Desmond/Penny)
Best Jun (Jin/Sun)
Best Minor Ship
Best Unconventional (Hetero) Ship
Best Unconventional (Slash) Ship


Best Romance
Best Angst
Best Drama
Best Humor
Best Action
Best Crossover


Best Ensemble
Best Oceanic 6
Best Trailer - Original
Best Trailer - Mash-Up
Best AU - Romance
Best AU - Story
Best Character Study - Mood
Best Character Study - Action