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cappy (falafel films)

Username: cappy
Alternate Name: falafel films
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Breaking Bad, BSG, Orphan Black, Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Dexter, The Wire
Website: http://falafel-musings.livejournal.com/42414.html#

Bio: Lost fandom vidders Kajam and cylune inspired me to try my hand at editing. I still feel like a bumbling amateur but I'm proud to have reached expert status on LVI.

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  • Feel Real

    by cappy 11-06-2017
    Stranger Things: A tribute to Eleven and her struggle to become a real girl.
    Feel Real
  • Opus 40

    by cappy 11-21-2016
    Swiss Army Man: Tribute to 'Swiss Army Man', the ugly beautiful crazy story of a suicidal stranded man who is rescued by a magical talking corpse.
    Opus 40
  • Breathe Me

    by cappy 07-10-2016
    The 100: Jasper Jordan fanvid. A study of a teenager suffering with PTSD in a post-nuclear world.
    Breathe Me
  • Hot Gates

    by cappy 05-22-2016
    The 100: A tribute to the Mount Weather Rescue Mission from S2 of 'The 100'.
    Hot Gates
  • Hallelujah

    by cappy 01-11-2016
    The Hunger Games: Our love is not a victory march.
  • Monkey in a Zoo

    by cappy 02-16-2015
    Actor Tribute: A tribute to comedian & activist Russell Brand, showing his journey from drug addict to scandalous celebrity to political iconoclast.
    Monkey in a Zoo
  • Any Other World

    by cappy 07-06-2014
    Orphan Black: A tribute to Sarah Manning and her clone sisters in their worlds gone insane.
    Any Other World
  • Don't Need to be Saved

    by cappy 05-31-2014
    Teen Wolf: A character study of Stiles in S3. Insomnia's bad enough. Then you get possessed.
    Don't Need to be Saved
  • Runaway

    by cappy 12-02-2013
    Breaking Bad: The Walt and Jesse story in roughly chronological order. We don't bleed when we don't fight.
  • Some Nights

    by cappy 08-11-2013
    Orange Is The New Black: An ensemble tribute to the Litchfield inmates. Many thanks to littletonpace who inspired me to watch this show and helped me to find clips for this vid.
    Some Nights
  • State of Emergency

    by cappy 07-07-2013
    Hannibal: A character study of Will Graham and his relationship with Hannibal Lecter. The closer that Will looks into the methods and madness of criminal minds the more Will's own fevered imagination spirals out of control. Dedicated to cylune.
    State of Emergency
  • Wise Up

    by cappy 05-18-2013
    The Wire: A tribute to the corner kids and the adults who tried to help them.
    Wise Up
  • Sour Times

    by cappy 05-18-2013
    Mad Men: A study of Pete and Peggy's secret affair through S1 and S2 of Mad Men.
    Sour Times
  • The Mercy Seat

    by cappy 05-05-2013
    Battlestar Galactica: A tribute to the hysterically tragic life of Felix Gaeta.
    The Mercy Seat
  • I Gave You All

    by cappy 05-05-2013
    Breaking Bad: A study of Jesse Pinkman's partnership with Mr White and how this relationship has slowly consumed Jesse's life and all he cared about.
    I Gave You All
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