Hot Gates by cappy



  • "Hot Gates" 05-22-2016
    A tribute to the Mount Weather Rescue Mission from S2 of 'The 100'.
  • Fandom: The 100
    Song: Hot Gates by Mumford & Sons
    Vidder: cappy
    Length: 4.07 (433MB MP4)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble

    Vid contains mature themes: violent scenes


  • cappy posted on 16.06. at 12:05
    Thank you so much for watching and giving me feedback on my vids, Oceanic! It means so much that the storytelling came through for you especially considering you don't watch the show.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 14.06. at 21:53
    Fantastic vid! Your lyric use was fantastic. This song was so perfect for the storyline. I haven't seen this show but I was able to follow your story really well and the emotions really came through. Great job!
  • cappy posted on 05.06. at 22:49
    Thanks Jemmz. Yeah, I experimented with dialogue clips but the ones I wanted to use just weren't clear enough. Plus, I didn't want to distract from the song lyrics.
  • Jemmz posted on 05.06. at 03:31
    Beautiful tribute, cappy Shame about the dialogue clips but that's understandable when a show has lots of loud music in the background!
  • cappy posted on 29.05. at 05:19
    Thanks so much, Kaja. I avoided using dialogue clips on this vid only because 'The 100' has a heavy background score and it's really hard to get clean clear dialogue clips. So I just focused on getting the lyrics to fit the storyline instead and of course hitting the beats in the music with climatic moments in the storytelling.

    Oh and I generally agree about the new Mumfords album, but I still bought it anyway. But 'Hot Gates' is the last song on the album and on my first listen I was like "OMG! THIS! This is what I've been waiting for!" I've been wanting to vid to it ever since, just waiting for the right fandom.
  • KajaM posted on 29.05. at 03:15
    cappy, my friend, that's a truly amazing and powerful vid!
    I love your use of the lyrics throughout the whole vid and the editing was so nice & smooth. There wasn't but one part that didn't fit or didn't work.

    And like Julia said: I, too, had goosebumps several times while watching (for examples, when the Blakes hugged to the line "but I will love you constantly" or Monty & Jasper "high fiving" when the music kicks off and the action part begins).

    So well done, you!

    PS: I didn't even know that song! I was disappointed with the few songs that I've heard from the new album and I didn't want to buy it or even listen to the rest. Maybe I should give it a try after all, because this one here is really beautiful (in a very sad way).
  • cappy posted on 25.05. at 12:22
    Thanks so much, elora. Always great to get feedback from you. And Lune, I'm so chuffed you've watched this multiple times!
  • eloramoon posted on 24.05. at 22:11
    Holy moly, Cappy! That was AMAZING!!!! Honestly, SO well done! It gave me goosebumps several times. <3
  • cylune posted on 24.05. at 15:45
    Amazing summary of S2. I've watched like 15 times and I'm still having chills!
  • cappy posted on 23.05. at 23:32
    Thanks for watching!
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