Runaway by cappy



  • "Runaway" 12-02-2013
    The Walt and Jesse story in roughly chronological order. We don't bleed when we don't fight.
  • Fandom: Breaking Bad
    Song: Runaway by The National
    Vidder: cappy
    Length: 5:34 (54.2MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships:

    Vid contains mature themes: violence


  • cappy posted on 25.01. at 14:52
    2014 CM Award Winner "Cappy's vids are a brilliant example of how vidders do not need complex programs in order to make good, engaging projects. 'Runaway' tells the story of Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse with simplicity, and whilst I do not intend watching the show itself, I find I am completely enthralled in cappy's story-telling skills in this video. The music is appropriately chosen and gives the video the perfect atmosphere for such a heartbreaking story (and I admit, the song has been stuck in my head a few times since watching!). Lyric use is one of my favourite aspects in videos and I enjoyed seeing how she interpreted many of the lyrics (I particularly enjoyed the 'arms in the air' lyric with Walt/Jess high-fiving and then Walt with his hands up in the desert. And I love all the scenes chosen for the chorus 'What makes you think I'm enjoying being led to the flood?'). I especially enjoy when lyrics may be slightly cryptic, such as in this case, it shows creativity when the vidder makes an attempt to connect an image to the words and perhaps make viewers think differently about the scene or lyrics. In addition, the audio and voice-overs are excellently placed, easy to make out, and not too overwhelming. I follow the story well and am not bombarded with too much at once, despite not having seen the show. This is a very thorough, emotive study of the Walt/Jesse relationship that intrigues me, a non-fan, and makes me speculate on the significance of some scenes. I still don't think I can get in to the show, but vids like this sometimes makes me wish I had!"
  • cappy posted on 03.12. at 13:43
    Thanks so much, Kaja. Walt and Jesse are never boring so I had no shortage of great clips to use even for a vid that was five minutes plus in length. And BrBa has pretty enough cinematography I don't think it needs effects. Thanks for your kind words on my audio editing. It was about time I gave it a try. Gotta learn sometime.
  • KajaM posted on 03.12. at 12:22
    Amazing tribute to this complicated and messy relationship! As Jemma already said, the pacing is great - it never gets boring or "too slow", you get completely sucked into this vid. You also did so well on the voiceovers and the audio editing. This is one of most difficult parts of fan vidding, in my opinion, and you did such a good job!
    Oh yeah, and good choice about the colouring. Anything else would probably not have worked that well for the mood of the vid.
  • cappy posted on 03.12. at 03:17
    Thank you so much, Jemmz. It's always v. flattering to get good feedback from people I consider to be excellent vidders.
  • Jemmz posted on 02.12. at 16:44
    Wonderful vid! Very well done, emotive look at this obviously very complex relationship! Great lyric use too, nice pacing, loved it
  • cappy posted on 02.12. at 16:43
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    "Runaway (Breaking Bad)" 12-02-2013
    The Walt and Jesse story in roughly chronological order. We dont bleed when we dont fight.
    Fandom: Breaking Bad
    Song: Runaway by The National
    Vidder: cappy
    Length: 3:34 (54.2MB WMV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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