State of Emergency by cappy



  • "State of Emergency" 07-07-2013
    A character study of Will Graham and his relationship with Hannibal Lecter. The closer that Will looks into the methods and madness of criminal minds the more Will's own fevered imagination spirals out of control. Dedicated to cylune.
  • Fandom: Hannibal
    Song: Joga (State of Emergency) by Bjork
    Vidder: cappy
    Length: 2.42 (25.0MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Will/Hannibal

    Vid contains mature themes: blood, gore, disturbing images


  • cappy posted on 27.08. at 15:44
    Thanks again, Kaja! I've wanted to use that Bjork song for vidding for ages. So it was more like I chose the show for the song than choosing the song for the show, if you know what I mean! The lyrics fit so well I had that song in mind even before I finished S1.
  • KajaM posted on 25.08. at 02:59
    Re-watching (now that I know the show) I have to congratulate you again on your fantastic song choice!! Perfect song for a Hannibal vid!!! It suits the atmosphere and the darkness of the show so well!

    My favourite parts of the vid are when Hannibal stands up and applauds at Will and all that no one sees, you see what's inside of me.

    Superb vid, cappy!!
  • cappy posted on 31.07. at 09:48
    Thank you so much! I've wanted to use this song for vidding for ages. I was just waiting for a show that would suit the lyrics and I had plans to use it for a Will/Hannibal vid before I'd even finished my first watch! Thank you for your feedback.
  • PsychoCynic posted on 28.07. at 10:26
    Wow, this is really perfect for Will and Hannibal's relationship. Your lyrical interpretation left me speechless at times (particularly the verses!) and your parallels were very impressive (Georgia on fire, the stag on fire, and then, most of all, Hannibal's saucepan fire. It was so very telling on her Will comes to slowly make all the right connections.)

    Excellent work!!
  • cappy posted on 12.07. at 13:59
    Thank you so much, Sheree and Uruviel! I hope the Hannibal fanvids will help our cause and promote the show to potential fans.

    Also thanks to everyone who rated. My 'Average Rating' moved up to a Gold Star today. Whoohoo!
  • Uruviel posted on 11.07. at 22:45
    Great vid, the song was really fitting for this!
  • Sheree posted on 10.07. at 16:51
    Amazing video.... the song choice was perfect and I just Love this show. I really hope more people watch next season.
  • cappy posted on 09.07. at 12:26
    Thanks so much, Kaja! I've been wanting to make a vid with that Bjork song for ages, I just needed the right fandom match. I'm glad you liked it and I hope it encourages you to watch the show. You're a GoT fan so you're not scared off by shows that are gory, cruel and unusual.

    Yes, the stag is very much symbolic of Hannibal. There's a murder in the first episode which leaves a girl impaled on antlers so stag imagery becomes a big part of Will's dreams. The stag is how Will envisions the killer he is seeking before he knows who it really is.
  • KajaM posted on 08.07. at 14:44
    Holy creepiness!!!
    That was amazing, cappy!!! This show looks so grotesque yet visually really stunning. I'm so intrigued to see this!!
    I love, love, love your song choice! Björk makes such a bizzare, but great type of music and it worked so well here for those nightmarish scenes. What's up with the elk though? Is it somehow connected to/with Hannibal?

    Again, amazing vid!! *applauds*
  • cappy posted on 07.07. at 15:18
    Thanks again, Lune. Hannibal tearing up at the opera was one of the most memorable moments for me. Just learning that Hannibal wasn't dead inside, but was someone who could be moved and enthralled by music. So I wanted that moment in the vid, but since my vid was Will centric, I had to change the context. I think Hannibal is just as moved by the opera of Will's mental breakdown so it sort of works. Like you say, it's Hannibal's psychological abuse that is the most disturbing.
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