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Hollywood (Holly)

Username: Hollywood
Alternate Name: Holly
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/hollywoodvids/
Email: holly_sunshine@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Not much to tell. I'm just a Canadian gal who loves to make music videos in my spare time. I first came across this amazing site looking for C/C & Jate videos about 3 years ago and I'm sooo glad that I did because I absolutely love this place & everyone here to death. Especially the Council Members, they all work so hard to keep the site up and running smoothly and I know that too, me being a former one myself. :) You CM's rock!! Oh yeah . . . I'm supposed to be talking about me, ain't I? Haha . . . well I started vidding about 3 years ago and to this day I'm still learning and improving. Right now I use Song Vegas 6.0 to make all my vids but I'm looking to upgrade to something more advanced soon. So yeah . . . thats about it I guess. I'm not really one for writing about me. lol. So I'll just say this one last thing and be on my way . . . Keep up the great work LVI. :) ~Holls

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Hollywood's Videos

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  • The Hunger Games - Shattered

    by Hollywood 01-22-2012
    The Hunger Games: Decided to make a shot vid to The Hunger Games trailers. Hope you like!
    The Hunger Games - Shattered
  • Total Eclipse

    by Hollywood 05-26-2006
    Lost: An angsty Charlie and Claire centric vid
    Total Eclipse
  • I'm Just A Girl

    by Hollywood 02-06-2006
    Lost: Fun Kate centric - You know, people really shouldn't underestimate Kate, and assume she's "just a girl"
    I'm Just A Girl
  • You And Me

    by Hollywood 01-22-2006
    Lost: Slash: I\'ve never, ever made a slash video... until now that is. It\'s a Jack/Charlie shipper vid dedicated to 4 lovely gals who got me completely and utterly hooked on this ship.
    You And Me
  • Let's Get Ready To Rumble

    by Hollywood 09-06-2005
    Lost: Another UK Promo vid.
    Let's Get Ready To Rumble
  • Count On Me

    by Hollywood 09-02-2005
    Lost: A Charlie/Claire centric vid.
    Count On Me
  • Everybody Dance Now

    by Hollywood 07-20-2005
    Lost: My funny version of what the UK promo should've looked like.
    Everybody Dance Now
  • She's A Rebal

    by Hollywood 06-17-2005
    Lost: Kate centric vid showcasing how much of a rebal and a bad ass she is.
    She's A Rebal
  • Vindicated

    by Hollywood 06-05-2005
    Lost: A Jack/Kate centric vid.
  • Uninvited

    by Hollywood 06-02-2005
    Lost: My first and probably last Skate vid. lt's about Kate and Sawyer's confusing relationship.
  • Untitled

    by Hollywood 05-28-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have been through so much together. Here's my Tribute to this wonderful ship.
  • Candy In The Sun

    by Hollywood 05-25-2005
    Lost: A sequel to my Original Prankster vid.~Gotta have more cast clips because lets face it, Lost is my candy in the sun.
    Candy In The Sun
  • You Set Me Free

    by Hollywood 05-22-2005
    Lost: A corny but kinda cute vid about Kate and Charlie's relationship.
    You Set Me Free
  • Here's To The Night

    by Hollywood 05-19-2005
    Lost: Tribute to the many, many wonderful, heart-rending moments that this show is all about.
    Here's To The Night
  • One Thing

    by Hollywood 05-17-2005
    Lost: Just a short, sweet Michael/Walt vid seen from Michael's POV about how fast his life's changed since he's become a father.
    One Thing
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