She's A Rebal by Hollywood

  • "She's A Rebal" 06-17-2005
    Kate centric vid showcasing how much of a rebal and a bad ass she is.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: She's A Rebel by Green Day
    Vidder: Hollywood
    Length: 2:01 (9.32 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Kate Austen


  • MovieGuy posted on 18.03. at 01:40
    lol Still my favorite Kate vid
  • Hollywood posted on 18.03. at 01:37
    Thanks lost_freak and Mallrat! Happy you both liked the vid.
    Oh and Mallrat, yeah I know what you're talking about. I love that speed up/slow down effect too. I've seen a few vidders do that effect and I've always loved it too. So don't worry, you're not weird
  • Mallrat109 posted on 17.03. at 15:17
    I thought the video was greta. I'm weird so I won't know how you'll take this but there's this one part in the beginning when Kat's on the plane where you sped up the clip then cut to slo-mo. I always love that effect. It worked perfectly here.
  • lost_freak514 posted on 16.03. at 17:55
    Great vid!
  • Hollywood posted on 07.11. at 16:46
    Thanks Sawyer and thanks Heather, glad you both liked it.
  • Uruviel posted on 07.11. at 03:21
    Holly, great vid!! Awesome song for Kate. Really really good editing on this.
  • sawyer posted on 29.09. at 13:09
    I love this vid it is so cool
  • Hollywood posted on 28.09. at 05:45
    Aww.....thank you so much Jane, happy you liked it and yeah of course you can use the song. No problems what so ever. Can't wait to see your vid.
  • phoenix39 posted on 28.09. at 03:50
    Holly, I loved it! So awesome! And it was Green Day! Whoo! This is one of my fave vids of yours. The cutting, editing, and timing were just perfectly onspot.

    But I had the same idea. Permission to use the song?
  • Hollywood posted on 18.07. at 23:01
    Thanks MG, l'm SO glad you liked it.
    Although l spelled Rebel wrong. LOL.
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